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Just found out yesterday she's being promoted. I feel sorry for any Jews that apply. They'll never know why they didn't get it.
what is long term? Just curious
No dealer would drive a donk. They're not that dumb.
Friend of mine has been trying to buy a place for months now. She most recentlyLost out on a place with a bid 30K over the asking price.
If you ate at the one on Burnet I grew up 2 blocks from there.
They start at 38K here in the US but yeah, the nicer ones (v8 ) are more like 50K.
Hyundai Genesis anyone? They look great but I don't know anything about them. Every time I see one on the road I'm impressed by the looks. Kinda like a Lexus mixed with a jag.
You're my hero
I need a new amp. Mine doesn't have bluetooth which is annoying
If one wants to mod a car the smart thing to do is take all the parts off before you sell it and sell them individually. Also, you will trick guys like me who don't like modded cars.
New Posts  All Forums: