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Yeah, some animals are more equal than others. It didn't surprise me to see it was a farmer. Animal death is normal to them.
This trap wasn't powerful enough to kill so I had to drown them after they got trapped.
Unfortunately the chipmunk population is expierncing collective punishment since I found one in the garage. I've killed 3 in the yard with traps just this weekend.
Kyrie was the mvp of that game. I don't care who wins the award.
sick game, really great
There is definitely some of that too
Lebron Jihad
You must have me confused with someone else. I'm an Astros and Texans fan.
I can't believe I'm saying it but now that the Spurs are out I guess I'm rooting for Lebron. Dude is looking dangerous this playoffs.
You might want to think of a fire suppression system if you sleep over your garage. A lot of fires start in the garage.
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