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Is Houston going to make this a series? Doesn't look like it so far down by 16
2 kitchens?
Well, that's why I'm not evicting everybody. They're totally being sketch though. I asked for his number and they said they'll have him contact us. WTF?
We found his facebook page he moved to town in March.
Well, the letter is for the paper trail should the problem continue. We have to be protected so to a degree it's just bluster. As far as being a visitor, he said he's been there several weeks, the neighbors said months. No one visits for that long. He lives there, and the lease says only they can live there.
I can't work the multi quote thing sorry
Talked to the neighbors, he may have been there for months. Indiana is also a non friendly tenant state. Good for usSee above. Presumably they've been making money off of our investment, as a capitalist this offends me.
tricky isn't it? He has a key and all his stuff is there? I don't know. We've talked to them again and they want him to be added to the lease so we're going have him do the background check and then make a new lease for everyone to sign. These are kids (like 25) so I don't think they're going to rush out and get lawyers. I hope.
uh oh
Clips getting they ass beat
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