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Rural America is just as fucked up as the rest of America these days. They just don't realize it yet. Drugs, unwed mothers, welfare, etc all hit rural america 20 years ago but they still think they're above debased city dwellers. Nope.edit: at least the parts I've worked in
Hil is going to look so bad in history books
PBS also called Iowa for Trump
pretty much the definition of deplorable
There was an old guy in a Trump hat sitting outside my polling station today. Just him, by himself. I stared him down.
Yeah a lot of black people don't feel that casual about it, I'm sure you understand why.Probably but lots and lots of people have it flying, stuck to bumper, etc in general so relatively low over lap. FYI I'm referencing the 80s 90s I moved away in 2003. Just visit now.
Where I grew up (Texas) it wasn't necessarily racism unless you consider the system it represents has racism as a pillar but some don't and they fly it that way.
I couldn't live without it. I was bragging about our Lake Michigan water but I failed to mention I enjoy it through a carbon filter in my fridge.
There is nowhere the same view or awareness of rape then as there is now. Nobody even talked about it back then. Rape was something Mexican guys in dark alleys did. Guys like Bill Clinton didn't rape. You really can't compare the public's reaction then and now to a rumor of rape.
I don't either. He was just known as a womanizer which back then didn't have the nefarious rapey implications it does know. Of course there is much more awareness about rape now too.
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