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"Free firewood! Must chop and haul yourself"
So I went to look at some diamonds and settings with my girlfriend. We were looking for an emerald cut good quality around a carat to a carat and a half. He showed us one was that was a more than we wanted to pay with a setting we really liked. We left after that since he didn't have any smaller ones. We went back a second time and I had decided that if he came off the price a little I would take it. He wanted $8700, I said I would pay cash today if he'd do $7700. I...
It's a Homburg that's probably been dented to look more casual.
Y'all need a little brush up on physiology I see. A huge amount of heat leaves your body through your head if you wore even a tiny beret it would make you feel quite a bit warmer. Covering your ears and not your head is pointless.
We don't have a "why Chicago sucks" so I'll post it here. Monday they are predicting a high of -9F and a low of -12F and wind chill of -45F. I didn't sign up for this.
How much does it cost to have someone install an electrical socket where there isn't one? We have a serious lack of plugs upstairs. Ataturk, don't tell me to do it myself.
The house we bought this summer had a severe case of this. It had ugly wallpaper everywhere and lots of 70s/80s decorations to match. It sat on the market for 2 years.
Are you buying a place in Austin? Where?
Anger management, dude.
Upstairs furnace is not turning on. Jeausus, this homeowner thing is hard.
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