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Yep, I got $800 to insulate my attic last year. Only needed $200 extra to get it done.
I'll sell you our rent house for less than that.
Sheeeiit, if you can get into a home at your age without all the financial bs and no PMI I would go for it.
Better than Zimbabwe bitch!
What product did you use?
And now for a subject everyone loves. Cable service. We have Comcast which sucks ass and is expensive. The only other option in our area is DirecTV. Any opinions? It's certainly cheaper for more channels and NFL package. But it's a dish on your roof. I don't care about aesthetics but we have pretty severe weather here in the Chicagoland area.
The lot is kinda small but this would be pretty good http://idx.exitbellaire.com/idx/14109/details.php?idxID=248&listingID=1798117
Haha, no there isn't anything on Lake Michigan for less than 100K. Besides, for the space I want there REALLY isn't anything on the lake for that price. Luckily MI is chockablock with lakes and rivers. And yes, small and simple us what I would want.Sorry, multi quote isn't working
Well the idea is that it would be close enough we could pop up often and get a lot of use out of it. As far as maintenance, well that's the cost of owning I guess.
We'll being a native of Texas I don't know anything about winter sports so it'd probably be for the summer though I wouldn't be opposed to coming in fall and spring. I'd like to keep it within a 4 hr drive of where we live so I think that means about Cadillac or South. We're not actually at the stage of really buying yet but I am investigating owning. Again being from Texas I know absolutely nothing about the pitfalls. I'd like a lot of privacy so several acres would be...
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