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Why are you washing your glasses? I've never heard of that. You use the cloth that came with them
Being a 70s house there is no other hardwood flooring so that might be weird.
So, we're noticing that the grout in the marble foyer is cracking so I think we're going to replace this sooner than I hoped (secretly I wanted to replace it soon because it's so ugly) As you can see here it is a weird semi-honed marble with a silly honed border. I'm thinking more honed marble or maybe travertine or even granite but certainly something that can handle lots of traffic and occasional wet feet. Here is the space, it has lots of light from the windows on both...
No, it's a sun bleached brown.
This is what the front glass on the first level of the foyer looks like. I do like that you can't see straight into the house but a butthere has to be something better.
The front door and foyer area, I think it looks 80s. The cross hatch stuff, what ever it's called, I like we'll keep that.
Big front yard, small back yard
Lake view
Property line goes right up to her house. Literally like one ft from her wall.
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