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I just got the survey back for our new house and it's good news for me but bad for the neighbors. It seems my lot goes up to about 1 ft of their house. Turns out the people who built the two homes were relatives and the bigger house (mine) owned both lots and when they moved out it wasn't split up evenly or something like that. I'm not sure what this means exactly other than I have a bigger lot than I thought.
Yeah, I want to not put back up paneling especially since we're (hopefully) never going to live here again just rent it out or sell it.
Also going into your yard and making sure nothing (not even a bottle cap) has standing water. They can breed in the smallest sources of still water.
It's a 70yr old house so I'm hoping if it is they were from a long time ago.
It's not soft, it's hard. No mud tunnels.
What do we have here? Found behind the paneling in the semi finished basement along with some mold in our current place.
Maybe it's worse up there. I've smelled dump (trash, sanitation, call it what you will) truck smell and I didn't think it was as bad. But hey, to each his own.
I like phillipino food, especially when it's not catered to western tastes. I usually find that results in boring food.
Last night I was eating a head cheese sandwich and watching Alive. When they started cutting off pieces of butt meat I turned it off. Now I'm eating salad with shrimp and you bring me this????
dump truck by far, however I am no fan of 90+ weather
New Posts  All Forums: