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Maybe it's worse up there. I've smelled dump (trash, sanitation, call it what you will) truck smell and I didn't think it was as bad. But hey, to each his own.
I like phillipino food, especially when it's not catered to western tastes. I usually find that results in boring food.
Last night I was eating a head cheese sandwich and watching Alive. When they started cutting off pieces of butt meat I turned it off. Now I'm eating salad with shrimp and you bring me this????
dump truck by far, however I am no fan of 90+ weather
I guess I'm thinking of the time I spent in LA and to be sitting in full sun and being comfortable was amazing
That's why everyone loves CA. Truly beautiful weather.
The distance from Dallas to Albuquerque is 650 miles. So basically the same distance as NYC to Cinncinati
The problem with Texas is that you don't get any cool days to break the monotony. It's just unrelenting heat from May to September. Everywhere else in the country I've lived you'll have some horrible humid hot days but some comfortable days mixed in.
what city are you in?See that's Texas. At 6 am you feel like you're going to die because it never cools off at night.
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