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This is what the front glass on the first level of the foyer looks like. I do like that you can't see straight into the house but a butthere has to be something better.
The front door and foyer area, I think it looks 80s. The cross hatch stuff, what ever it's called, I like we'll keep that.
Big front yard, small back yard
Lake view
Property line goes right up to her house. Literally like one ft from her wall.
Took some pics of the new place. Feel free to give ideas. We're going to get rid of the leaded glass.
That is a real photo but it has been stretched sideways. In the real photo the woman still has the pole up her ass but she has a nice figure.
Happy to hear about the new job but did you consider which job would help you lose your virginity? I'd put MN on the bottom of that list. CA would have been a far better choice with their open minded women. Plus everyone there thinks all Indian guys are tech billionaires.
I know in my industry (pharma) sales reps and mid managers make the company go. Everyone else is secondary. We make the money.
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