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Spurs in 6 Tim Duncan is a God
B & B. My gf's great uncle passed 10 years ago and her dad inherited an unopened bottle. It was still unopened till they gave it to me. I like it, herbal but sweet. Nice
Spurs looking good so far.
That's a lot of money for a guy who's never coached before.
yes, but it came from a time when only rich people ate meats and wines and got fat. Now everyone does that and thus gout is more common.
Only cool if they're not your plants. I hate deer.
8th grade graduation? Wtf is that
I Grew up in a 1000sq ft place ( with 5 people) and now own a 2700 sq ft place for me and the gf. It feels fucking huge. I love it.
He is serious, but he sounds like a dweeb on the radio.
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