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You could drive to Smittys, eat and drive back for the time you spend in line a Franklins. Besides, Ben's Longbranch was cooler.
I remember this post. I was sitting on my porch back when I still lived in Richmond. About 2 years ago.
I replaced the sprinkler head, it was very easy. Adjusting it was harder. Anyone heard of John Watson landscape lighting? The previous owners put in a system except 4 of the mercury bulbs are out and they're about 40ft up a tree.
Let me summarize this: punk ass kid meets punk ass cops, hijinx ensue.
Anyone know how much it costs to service a sprinkler system? I've got a cracked head and 2 of the (manual) valves are leaking)
I prefer Bun
Every time I see this thread bumped I get nervous. This sucks man.
I go to DD semi regularly to get hot lattes for my girlfriend. Multiple times they have made iced ones and when they don't screw up they will still ask me to clarify if I want iced as if that was the default. This is in the Chicago suburbs. It must be popular.
I don't live in NYC nor do I take public trans that much anymore but when I lived in DC and took the metro most days I did prefer to sit.
When riding I prefer to sit down so I wouldn't call myself a straphanger. I'd call myself a sitter.
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