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Nice view
I think it's the opposite but not 6 months. THC is stored in your fat and is slowly release as metabolites. That comes out in urine. Blood test will tell if you're high at the moment.
No one expects a vehicle to be coming at them at 100mph that's why the cops have sirens in the first place. Lots of sober people would have assumed they could make it across the street in time.
Cop drives 100mph at night on a 2 lane road with 35mph limit with no sirens or lights and runs over pedestrian crossing the street but of course: "Mr. Morales ran out into the roadway into oncoming traffic," he said, "And the accident simply could not have been avoided." http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/arlington-heights/news/ct-arh-wheeling-dash-cam-tl-0724-20150723-story.html
It's on the Chicago river, no swells.
If any of y'all end up in Chicago take the boat architecture tour. It takes off from Navy Pier. It's fun.
Well, a suburb and not the fashionable neighborhood it once was but it's still fine.
Another modernist home for sale in the South Suburbs http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/20841-Oak-Ln-Olympia-Fields-IL-60461/4305686_zpid/
Just found out yesterday she's being promoted. I feel sorry for any Jews that apply. They'll never know why they didn't get it.
New Posts  All Forums: