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Speak of the devilhttp://deadspin.com/want-to-buy-one-of-dan-gilberts-bad-sport-coats-1766672176
I miss the 90s when anyone with a stupid idea could only share it with the people forced to be physically near them.
Jalopnik and Deadspin would both be losses. Gizmodo is good too. Really it's just the main site and Jezebel that suck.
They probably pushed it up knowing the police were close.
Yeah, the tree guy told me he's an old pro. No, I'll probably just burn it. I need the wood and I don't have time to do any fine work. I'll count the rings here sometime in the next few day. It's got to be at least 100.
white oak
Just had our biggest oak taken down, probably a >100yr old tree. He gave me brake since I'm going to cut it up for firewood: $1200
Sounds more like your typical run of the mill fetishism. Black people have always been valued for their sexuality. In some parts of latin america they believe sex with a black woman will fix back problems.
Unless they're totally destroyed you can just have them sharpened.
Yeah, I had a couple german female friends in VA and they exclusively dated black dudes. Kinda weird.
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