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When I was in 6th grade a new teacher flipped a desk with my friend in it (he was being an ass) she was fired that day.
Sounds like you need some real crimes around there. Let me know how I can help.
I poisoned the chipmunks too. Little furry bastards
The squirrels chewed through the wall of my shed this summer to make a home. I poisoned them and decided to nail up some wood to cover the hole yesterday. Turns out the stack of old wood I stood on had a wasp nest. I got stung about 8 times pretty much everywhere but my face. And my neighbor probably got to see me take my clothes off in the back yard. Awesome times.
My buddy just gave his fiancé his mom's ring. Lucky for her it was about 4 carats.
I recommend that solution for all shootings. Honestly these mass shootings are kinda good because they force the majority of Americans to think about something that happens everyday in the ghetto.
We didn't produce Bach and Shakespeare to begin with so that's a bad sign.
got to start somewhere
New Posts  All Forums: