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Classic, style over substance.
Good lord, furniture is expensive. We spent the last 3 days looking for a sectional for the family room and I'll be damned if even the low grade stuff is minimum $2k. And no, I'm not considering Ashley or anything like that, that's not even an option. On the upside, craigslist in the Chicagoland area is chock full of Thomasville dining room sets and bedroom sets. Unfortunately I don't need those.
That guy is cool in my book
Norfolk Island Pine
It's weird because as I understand it the HOA no longer exists in this development but the rules continue to be enforced by the town. I was told fences are allowed but only if they are under a certain height and if they are over you have to get approval from the town first.
I don't think they allow fences here certainly not privacy ones.
I think it's probably all moot because we contacted the seller and he said he mows the area in dispute and that the neighbors know it's not theirs.
Yeah, I'm not going to be mean nor do I have any intention of building anything there (though I might want to cut a tree).I suspect the main thing they will be unhappy about is when they want to move and can't claim the space next to their house as their own.
I don't think there is anything on this part of the land other than grass and trees but I'm going to drive by tonight to get a better idea.I don't know what this means, " easement where a common owner severs lots"
There is no fence and no landscaping other than mowing that I can see. Question is, who has been mowing it? I guess when I move in I'll start mowing it just to let them know. If they want to get all legal on me I'll let them but I won't pursue it initially.
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