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God I can't wait for this SUV trend to die
I'm sure lots of black people were attacked too however they don't work for the news media.
Dark Lord day was insane as usual. This was my 4th and though the lines were the best I've seen the fact that it was absolutely pouring and 49F kinda tempered it. There was large lakes forming everywhere and so I spent the whole day with completely wet feet. Despite that I drank some several years of Dark Lord. Some Biggleswade, Several Bourbon Counties, and numerous things from bottle shares. My wife won the scratch off and got a Coffee Dark Lord variant in addition to...
Anyone else going to DarkLord day at 3 Floyds
Live Q and A with this guy. Sounds like he's pretty knowledgeable. http://phasezero.gawker.com/an-intelligence-vet-explains-isis-yemen-and-the-dick-1699407909
good read
No, or they would have shot him
My uncle is getting one next month
Because that's usually enough?
this is good stuff, keep it going
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