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Took some pics of the new place. Feel free to give ideas. We're going to get rid of the leaded glass.
That is a real photo but it has been stretched sideways. In the real photo the woman still has the pole up her ass but she has a nice figure.
Happy to hear about the new job but did you consider which job would help you lose your virginity? I'd put MN on the bottom of that list. CA would have been a far better choice with their open minded women. Plus everyone there thinks all Indian guys are tech billionaires.
I know in my industry (pharma) sales reps and mid managers make the company go. Everyone else is secondary. We make the money.
You could drive to Smittys, eat and drive back for the time you spend in line a Franklins. Besides, Ben's Longbranch was cooler.
I remember this post. I was sitting on my porch back when I still lived in Richmond. About 2 years ago.
I replaced the sprinkler head, it was very easy. Adjusting it was harder. Anyone heard of John Watson landscape lighting? The previous owners put in a system except 4 of the mercury bulbs are out and they're about 40ft up a tree.
Let me summarize this: punk ass kid meets punk ass cops, hijinx ensue.
Anyone know how much it costs to service a sprinkler system? I've got a cracked head and 2 of the (manual) valves are leaking)
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