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Anger management, dude.
Upstairs furnace is not turning on. Jeausus, this homeowner thing is hard.
no, that's stupid
I'm afraid of what our bills will be this winter in the new house. We have 2 furnaces one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Not surprisingly the one downstairs seems to run a lot more. The only good news is that they aren't too too old. I think they were bought in 97.
He's right about this. It's crazy.
Deductible is $75. He's charging the insurance company $500 for the pump and $300 for the labor and pipe. I don't have a torch so I can't really repipe the thing which is necessary since it's all corroded. Plus it's hard wired so I definitely ain't messing with that. My $500 is strictly for the code bullshit.
The hot water circulator pump doesn't work which results in long waits for hot water. Thankfully we have a home warranty that will pay to fix it. Unfortunately he has to bring it up to code first and that, of course, isn't covered. So I have to pay $500 just for some stupid valves and expansion tank.
This was Austin TX of the 80s and early 90s. Nobody knew anything about sushi anyway.
Oddly, I learned about eating sushi at a Korean BBQ place that my dad would take us to but we never ate Korean food there. I didn't have Korean BBQ till my late 20s in Annandale.
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