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Anyone know how much it costs to service a sprinkler system? I've got a cracked head and 2 of the (manual) valves are leaking)
I prefer Bun
Every time I see this thread bumped I get nervous. This sucks man.
I go to DD semi regularly to get hot lattes for my girlfriend. Multiple times they have made iced ones and when they don't screw up they will still ask me to clarify if I want iced as if that was the default. This is in the Chicago suburbs. It must be popular.
I don't live in NYC nor do I take public trans that much anymore but when I lived in DC and took the metro most days I did prefer to sit.
When riding I prefer to sit down so I wouldn't call myself a straphanger. I'd call myself a sitter.
Damn Kai, sorry man
Classic, style over substance.
Good lord, furniture is expensive. We spent the last 3 days looking for a sectional for the family room and I'll be damned if even the low grade stuff is minimum $2k. And no, I'm not considering Ashley or anything like that, that's not even an option. On the upside, craigslist in the Chicagoland area is chock full of Thomasville dining room sets and bedroom sets. Unfortunately I don't need those.
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