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I Grew up in a 1000sq ft place ( with 5 people) and now own a 2700 sq ft place for me and the gf. It feels fucking huge. I love it.
He is serious, but he sounds like a dweeb on the radio.
Banned forever, fined 2.5 million
Mice are cute but not when you start finding shit everywhere. Yesterday I found chewed up paper on the shoulder of a St Andrews suit in my attic. It's war.
We got an inch of snow 2 weeks ago here near Chicago but it's been melted for the most part since mid March. Winter was insane for this native Texan.Probably a Cool Season vs Warm Season grass situation. Here in upper Midwest (NW Indiana) it's the right time to do this, you're in the Southern US right? I have a tow behind spreader that I tow behind my tractor. It's super easy doing our lawn. It's harder to blow/sweep the stray granules off the driveway and street than to...
Thanks. Those aren't inclusions on the edge by the way. It's just dirty.
Just got engaged. Here is the ring.
Just aerated and then applied fertilizer/pre-emergent herbicide to the front lawn (weed and feed). It should be good to go. the back yard is still only patches of grass. I'll have to try seeding again this spring.
Being a guest bedroom I feel more comfortable making a statement with the decor.
Unfortunately they are not in the same place
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