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Where is the cut off valve? Ours is inside the fireplace which renders a gas starter not possible. We were also told technically our fireplace is "unsound" since some of the liner is failing. The fireplace guy wouldn't convert it without repairing it. $4000. Pass.
There is nothing surreal about a lack of geography knowledge, it's pretty common.Yes, NW Indiana has a lot of poor black and hispanic people that shoot each other with...guns. Gangs are the main problem over here however, access to guns isn't helping. It's very easy to get weapons in Chicagoland. You can take public trans just a few miles and buy it legally. In NYC you have to go way way further (VA is popular) and that makes a difference.
You don't have to go to rural Indiana. The state line is right in what most people still consider the city. And yes there are plenty of shootings in East Chicago IN and Hammond IN not to mention Gary.
Gays generally only kill other gays.
my sister got bit not even that bad in 2nd grade and has been afraid of dogs ever since.
I love that that cabin too. Unfortunately a non flushing toilet is a non starter for my wife.
You're saying this letter was written only to sway some members of the jury? Doesn't it make more sense that in fact that's 100% true and that some jurrors happen to have kids in the system is just a coincidence?
that's the kinda dedication American fakers need in order to be successful.
Fake, it was Pepsi
officially hijacked
New Posts  All Forums: