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Deductible is $75. He's charging the insurance company $500 for the pump and $300 for the labor and pipe. I don't have a torch so I can't really repipe the thing which is necessary since it's all corroded. Plus it's hard wired so I definitely ain't messing with that. My $500 is strictly for the code bullshit.
The hot water circulator pump doesn't work which results in long waits for hot water. Thankfully we have a home warranty that will pay to fix it. Unfortunately he has to bring it up to code first and that, of course, isn't covered. So I have to pay $500 just for some stupid valves and expansion tank.
This was Austin TX of the 80s and early 90s. Nobody knew anything about sushi anyway.
Oddly, I learned about eating sushi at a Korean BBQ place that my dad would take us to but we never ate Korean food there. I didn't have Korean BBQ till my late 20s in Annandale.
14 hours in at 225 and bone isn't loose yet. I have to get to bed at a reasonable time this evening so let's hope it finishes in the next 3 hours.
Damn, that's a big party. It's cool you pull it off in what looks like a neighborhood park.I dry rubbed a 8.5 pound picknick last night and put it in the smoker at 5 this morning. What time per pound are you guys using at 225? I heard 2 hours.
dress more slutty
ha ha, this thread is so old. I totally forgot about this idea.
Ha ha ha ha ha
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