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We heard from them. Turns out he's a church friend (renter is an assc pastor) who just moved in state and is "looking for a place". We told them he has to get out in 3 days (decided to be nice) or apply to rent and go through background check. Directed them to contract where is says no subletting. Though I never noticed until today our contract doesn't have a policy on visitors. We'll have to add that with a maximum of one week. Told them we'll send a certified letter...
I mean evicting the original tenants. They've been good so far. Kicking the other dude out is a possibility if raising the rent and allowing him to stay is a bad decision.
We went by our rent house to find some dude walking in the door as we drove up. Turns out our tenants took on another renter without telling us. The lease forbids this. Suggestions? We don't really want to evict them as they've been good until now and we don't really want to go through the process of finding someone else. Should we just raise the rent? What is a good percentage? Pitfalls? Thanks
After a great series that Bulls/Cavs game was a stinker. Oh well.
Most of us don't drive anything interesting, for example I'm getting a Ford Edge next week. Technically it's a work car but I get to use it for personal use. Who cares. I'll let y'all know when I sell my '67 Satellite and what I decide to get instead.
That has been a good game. Pretty much within 5 point spread the whole game. Bulls looking more confident here in the 4th.
Alpha Klaus is one of my all time favorites Sarsaparilla 666. This one is weird but I kind of like it. The sarsaparilla part is pretty subtle, it's more of the bourbon flavor
I'm so confused by this "don't tread on me" freedom rhetoric mixed with total acceptance of a police state. Not necessarily Ataturk but others of his ilk.
I drank one of those on Sunday. I thought it was great.
Speaking of bad parking I saw my first RS7 in the flesh last week and he was parked like that. It was at the end of a lot so not inconveniencing anyone. What an awesome car.
New Posts  All Forums: