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sounds like your legal system is fucked. Don't wish for vigilantism.
We've monitored it for 3 years. The inspector said they put in the chimney before the slab was dry and it cracked. It's not getting any worse. Just flexes a little. The orange stuff flexes instead of the tile. But to keep the whole floor level you'd have to put it everywhere. Basically a whole body bandage because you have an ingrown nail.http://www.schluter.com/schluter-us/en_US/Membranes/Uncoupling-%28DITRA%29/Schluter%C2%AE-DITRA-%26-DITRA-XL/p/DITRA
Foyer and sitting room. We're doing wood look tile (bring the hate). 475sqft is both rooms. That'd be a big bathroom.
So I got the quote in for the tile. 475sq ft = $11K lol. Keep in mind the tile itself only accounts for $2700 of that. Sooooo, I'm having Lowes come give me an estimate. Obviously a locally owned union labor shop is out of the question. My concern is a crack I have in the slab that flexes a little bit with the seasons. The current tile has cracks in the grout from it in about a 3ft square area but that tile has probably been down for 30 years. Dude said he would put down...
It would seem those are the best candidates to integrate though. Get them young.
I would have dropped her. Bullys need to be taught lessons.
lol wtf
Hmm, I didn't realize it was that easy. Can I convert from black person to neo-nazi?
This isn't about who is a shitty person, this is about who is actually a threat to us.
Speak of the devilhttp://deadspin.com/want-to-buy-one-of-dan-gilberts-bad-sport-coats-1766672176
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