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The reality is that most of these are just art projects. Normal people don't want to live in concrete prison (albeit big) blocks and the tastes of the rich change so much that these will all be torn down before we die.
This sounds interesting, I wish I understood it.
It's like living in a 1970s sci fi movie
They should make a valet key for homes. Like they can get in but can't use the bed or watch your porn
Are hard wired detectors code? Cause you can buy some battery ones for like $10
I don't think anyone uses that as a main heat source up here where it actually gets cold.
We have grohe fixtures in our house and the plumber said they were junk when he found out they came with the house.
i have a Neato robot and it works great
Finally got our old house rented out. Here's to hoping nothing breaks/they don't screw us.
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