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That's what she said
Or he's stocking up on ammo and posting about Elliot Rodger. Either one.
Hope he doesn't own any firearms.
I guess I didn't negotiate like that. Just cost for everything. Weather King door and sidelights, a MI outfit.
Just got quoted $4700 for a new steel door, 2 side lights, new steel frame, and storm door plus installation. Sound fair?
bumping this ancient thread. I just picked up a D'avenza for Battaglia suit in guanashina. I guess it's nice, just feels like cashmere to me. Looks like they damaged the cuff a little when making it so I guess that's why it was never picked up. Luckily the sleeves are just a touch short for me. $299. Someone took a loss on that.
Just talked to the recruiter and they pay less than the offer I accepted. Oh well, I don't want to get in that industry THAT bad. Moving on...
and either way I win since both pay a lot more than current job I'm leaving.
So I accepted an offer for a new job on Monday and of fucking course a recruiter for the kind of job I really want called later that afternoon. I told them I have to decide on first offer by Aug 1 which is partially true because aug 1 is the start date for the first offer which I actually already accepted. Any tips on making this as smooth as possible? I guess there is no nice way to do it.
That's why you drown them. Don't let them sit and die of exposure.
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