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There is nowhere the same view or awareness of rape then as there is now. Nobody even talked about it back then. Rape was something Mexican guys in dark alleys did. Guys like Bill Clinton didn't rape. You really can't compare the public's reaction then and now to a rumor of rape.
I don't either. He was just known as a womanizer which back then didn't have the nefarious rapey implications it does know. Of course there is much more awareness about rape now too.
Yeah, I knew this as an 18 yr old voting him in for his second term. Paula Jones was a known person even back then.
Happy to report I'm not exposed to either.
Some I can get behind. Why did he wait so long for this?
ddos attack?
Anybody's internet ready mini blinds just go down?
I drink Lake Michigan water and it tastes fine.
Yeah, that's not what happens to chicks on weed. At least not the ones I've known, wife included.
That's what she said
New Posts  All Forums: