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No it's not. One involves a foreign country (a sworn enemy for 70 plus years) and the other involves dirty domestic politics. They are nothing alike.
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Doesn't Trump travel with like 15 bodyguards. I doubt anyone bumps into him.
pretty sure they won't be buying in Anacostia.
To be fair, their church is among the most reactionary in a city full of very reactionary churches. Being from Texas I could have told anyone that someone from Waco is likely to be a very conservative Christian.
My aunt did too. She used it about 5 times.
It has nothing to do with communism. It's strictly American politics. Florida has a lot of electoral votes and traditionally Cuban immigrants were Republican supporters based on an anti Castro position. They don't want to lose those votes. That's all that matters.
plus the murderer was 15, he probably couldn't beat him to death if he tried.
fact remains he'd be alive if the kid didn't have a gun.
I used to live in Richmond VA and I read this whole thing trying to figure out what part has a lot of Chinese people. I don't remember seeing more than a couple near campus.
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