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Yes it is. Racism has created the culture of Black Americans. Our culture is 100% a creation of this nation and hence racism is at the root of almost everything since racism was an integral part of every black person to ever live in America's existence.
Your don't have de jure and de facto racism in a country for 400 years and make it disappear in 50. No amount of laws in the world could make that happen.
bumping this ancient thread. I just picked up a D'avenza for Battaglia suit in guanashina. I guess it's nice, just feels like cashmere to me. Looks like they damaged the cuff a little when making it so I guess that's why it was never picked up. Luckily the sleeves are just a touch short for me. $299. Someone took a loss on that.
no one is going to talk about the priest that got beheaded in France?
Just talked to the recruiter and they pay less than the offer I accepted. Oh well, I don't want to get in that industry THAT bad. Moving on...
and either way I win since both pay a lot more than current job I'm leaving.
So I accepted an offer for a new job on Monday and of fucking course a recruiter for the kind of job I really want called later that afternoon. I told them I have to decide on first offer by Aug 1 which is partially true because aug 1 is the start date for the first offer which I actually already accepted. Any tips on making this as smooth as possible? I guess there is no nice way to do it.
can someone tell me how ideologies are defeated anyway?
They did just go through a huge banking and finance crisis and those are often blamed on Jews.
I mean, that could be said for the entire existence of this country.
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