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I drink Lake Michigan water and it tastes fine.
Yeah, that's not what happens to chicks on weed. At least not the ones I've known, wife included.
That's what she said
Still doesn't mean they'll actually vote though. We won't know that until after the election.
Ryan was never all in but as soon as Trump started hurting the down ballot people he had to step in. That's pretty much his job.
I live in one of the few remaining places in the country that is both solidly working class and white but also solidly Democratic. The people I know who are public Trump supporters aren't people who I think have been engaged in politics before. So props to Trump for inspiring them, however when he loses they'll probably become more apathetic to politics than ever.
I know a few. They're working class white folks like you might imagine.
Or he's stocking up on ammo and posting about Elliot Rodger. Either one.
Hope he doesn't own any firearms.
2 bombs, no deaths so far. Amateurs?
New Posts  All Forums: