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This statement becoming more true every day.
A2 ordered June 12. Still hasn't arrived.
So. Completely unfounded then. Thanks for the rabble-rousing conjecture.
What are you smoking?? There's at least another year of jackets to deliver. If they're running out of leathers now, the guys who just ordered are getting TOJ brand yarn and tin foil.This place is a daytime soap opera with all the unfounded gossip, wow.
Haha, what's that trite Einstein quote- "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."Company has history of quoting inaccurate lead times and delivering late with no explanation. Company unveils new product with short lead time. New orders are late with no explanation. ...Are you NOT ENTERTAINED?!!!
Which won't happen, product output is fixed. Its always the same one or two workers per jacket.Interesting. My A2 ordered July 11 2013 still hasn't shipped. That's 48 weeks. Neither have any of the people quoting 40-50 week wait times. Perhaps you got in at the front of that surge.My moto ordered 2/14/13 arrived 5/28/13 = 14 weeksMy varsity ordered 6/26/13 arrived 12/5/13 = 23 weeksA2 order 7/11/3 is @ 48 weeks so farMDR @ 24 weeks so farI'm not theorizing to stir up...
Where your first two jackets also motos? Each product line has different lead times.Generally, as long as I have watched this thread (1.5 years), lead times have only increased. Generally.Once upon a time lead times were 20 weeks. Lead times a year ago are 50+ weeks. Lead times now?I don't think you understand how this works. Once monthly orders placed outpace monthly production capacity, you are building the backlog. Production capacity is constant. Backlog increases at...
What a silly comment.You realize they have made jackets at the same rate for as long as the staff size has stayed the same? (1 or 2 workers per product line). The order log decrease is generally constant. The vast majority of orders do not go to members who are active on this thread. Look at the gallery (pulled from all over the web) to see a slightly more accurate representation of new jackets created.Final buyers will absolutely wait more than a year. I will put money on...
44 weeks and 20 weeks... and losing patience with the lack of transparency.
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