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Did anyone read this? wow..All the posts are edited, but you can still read some.pot -> kettle -> black.
December 2013 full leather spot available. Get it while the gettin' might still be possible!
ba ba bump it up
But seriously.. are you new?Welcome to the TOJ thread. Where everything is made up and the order dates don't matter.
Is it just the camera angle, or is the bottom of the jacket not even? Eye-boggling..
Game over.
not enough emoticons..
Dude. They're not coming. Accept the reality of the situation. Charly has peaced out. No one is getting paid. No refunds are being issued. Drew is done with TOJ. Drew has actually stolen our money. It's not almost theft, it is theft.
Does anyone actually have an email / phone / address for Drew to actually speak to the man holding the cash? (aka the 2 year loan we all gave him)
New Posts  All Forums: