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It's all conjecture from here on out man, I hope you get your jacket soon.
Maybe. But the shoulder seam is going to be determined by the wool, which probably doesn't give at all. If you could fit into it, and the leather stretched, the shoulder seam would ride up. That would throw off the placement of the sleeves and probably pull the already high arm holes up even higher.If your only options are a stock 46 or 44, I'd take the 46 to a tailor and get him to take in the chest. The perk is wool is prob easier to work with than leather. That would...
Personally, I would definitely not chance that. That's almost an inch difference. I have a TOJ0 that's about 0.5-1.0" too big in the shoulders and its noticeable every time I wear it. 0.7" too small and you'll have to squeeze into it, if you enjoy wearing it at all.With that said, shoulders are tough to measure. I know you're not new to this, but maybe check your best fitting jacket again and see what that measures for comparison.
Why do you post in this thread? Serious. Your last 10 posts are just bitching.It's like watching that forever drunk old man yell at all the kids from his front porch.
Fyi±0.25 ≠≠ 0.25 tolyou're talking about 0.50 total toleranceRegardless, tolerances on an organic, flexible, compressible material can never approach those of something like metal. You guys are splitting hairs here. Your physical measurements change more than that on a daily basis from the food you eat, how much salt and water you intake, the last time you worked out, and your body position.
Drew spreadsheet:
+1. Please? Pretty please??We could actually, almost, maybe get something done.
Will PM asap.
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