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I don't know who you hang out with, but no one I know has parents paying for cigars for their 30 year old son. Affluence much more often than not makes a person more entitled, spoiled, and unappreciative of the value of hard work. All qualities Drew already seems to have in spades.
Can't believe people think they're still getting their jackets. Yes, some trickled out. That's a pitifully small fraction of the outstanding orders. WAKE THE FUCK UP. You, yes YOU are not getting your jacket. And neither am I. If you could file a chargeback you already would have. It's way past time now. There is no recourse. @James Hyams publish the story already, I will happily go on record with everything that has gone down here. Drew, you goddamn thief, you're a...
Ya know, I never actually noticed the Falcon Punch was in the shape of a falcon.. childhood secrets. Seems obvious now..
Weight is like BMI, almost meaningless. Body composition is everything. If you were 17 and skinnyfat, you could now weigh the exact same with more muscle, less fat, and less water retention. Or go the opposite direction, god help your soul. Regardless, measurements will change.
Let it be a briefcase bursting at the seams with 100s for a final act of all-is-right-in-the-world-charly-gets-paid$!
So ahhh... where the fuck are the TOJ jackets? Anyone got one recently? Any progress? How's the legal approach going? Is that news story being published?
It's all conjecture from here on out man, I hope you get your jacket soon.
Maybe. But the shoulder seam is going to be determined by the wool, which probably doesn't give at all. If you could fit into it, and the leather stretched, the shoulder seam would ride up. That would throw off the placement of the sleeves and probably pull the already high arm holes up even higher.If your only options are a stock 46 or 44, I'd take the 46 to a tailor and get him to take in the chest. The perk is wool is prob easier to work with than leather. That would...
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