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Yes, because hot gluing a 100 chrome studs onto a jacket like a teen girl stumbling onto pinterest for the first time == sooo exciting. You're shiny and different, we get it. Congrats.
No shit talking allowed.
Still available?
Praise jesus, that whole outfit looks wonderful. Someone fuck that man, clothes on.
Your $XXXX jacket is still drag-queen worthy. Nothing you say changes that.
This thread just got so much more entertaining. Please, keep slap fighting.
Seriously. Fuck you guys. Harass the only point of contact, yes that's a genius idea you fucking morons.
Glazed brown goat A-2 ordered 7/12/13. Arrived yesterday. Shipped 1/21. No tracking. The fit is fantastic. "trust charly" comes through again! The leather is amazing, the brown is a very dark chocolate, with a subtle sheen. Quite supple, no break in required at all. There are no veins as in the lamb. Beefy zipper. Fur collar is wonderfully soft. Standing next to a guy at the office with a leather daddy / outlet mall leather on, the difference is profound. He looks...
Anyone else think zip wallets look a bit too similar to a clutch or a ladies wallet?
Perfect fit man. Yeah, looks a little 'stuffed' with the hoodie, but top notch fit sans layering. Definitely keep!
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