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If you're willing to go a little higher, V-Moda makes fantastic earbuds. I'd recommend the Remix Remote buds—they're comfortable, stylish, sturdy, and the sound quality is excellent for the price, not to mention their customer service is top notch.
Can you elaborate on 1? I hear this often about startups, but I haven't really heard people explain how their roles differed from a gig at a more structured company. Thanks.
Best friend is leaving to study in Singapore and I've known him since the beginning. It hurts more than makes me angry, but it's a part of life.
Owner of a baseball franchise.
I actually waited in line for 2 hours for the midnight premiere and I have to say that it's well directed except they decided to throw a curveball with the plot at the end. It was worth it, but did anybody else get the feeling that it wasn't as serious as it should have been?
Thread ended 9 months ago?
The parents and a friend. It's sad how more vulnerable you become the more you want to trust.
looking good in a picture since i'm usually not very photogenic. a nice self-esteem boost
people who get annoyed over the littlest things and decide to bitch it out on you
Today's Giants game was fantastic. Walking out in the evenings in summer weather is extremely relaxing.
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