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Theraflu with one shot of nyquil added and 1 airborne tablet. I take this the 1st evening on the day i start feeling effects of a cold or the flu, been working wonders for 3 years.
I think its called the "Goodfella" or more affectionately known as the Joe Pesci!
I thought this was the quote of the year? Quote: Originally Posted by Nexus6 I just came back from a wedding. I am drunk it is true, but, with the last of my energy, I wanted to come here, to my bretheren, and tell you all, I love you. is true the alcohol is doingthe talking, but but I mean what i say. I love you all. Yes, even the ebay flippers. You see...I love you you undferstand! I am poor. All my life i have...
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu lets turn this into my style v2. AHH COME ON! Not on a work night! I didn't get any sleep for like 3 nights last time trying to keep up!!
I think they were giving you a hard time for posting a bed under the mens closing thread!
its almost the same, but like i said, i purchased it almost 7 years ago. Ill see if can find it online. I quit storing crap under my bed when I was a kid. And as far as the leather, i condition it like once a month. I thought that guys comment was weird. Doesnt he see how we take care of our leather shoes, why not everything else???
Used to have the same problem. I was able to narrow it down to the thinner lighter wools such as 100's or super 120's. Going with a heftier wool has almost stopped this completly.
My bed has a leather headboard, and yes, the ladies seem to dig it! As far as the leather getting ripped and filthy, i guess that depends on how you live and care for your possessions. I've had my bed for almost 7 years, and it looks as good as new, beacause I am a clean person and take care of my stuff, i wouldnt worry about it much, or the storage factor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liam Anything over eight hours seems to be too much for me. +1. I feel great when i get 7 "GOOD" hours of sleep!
Your going about it all wrong! They say the more often that you shave, the more fuller and quicker your facial hair willn grow. So I would start shaving once a day!
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