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Just bought a pair of luccheses alligator boots. How should one condition alligator?
An MBA degree was designed for undergrad non business majors. Quote: Originally Posted by TheApple Im going to be going to Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick. I'm wondering if this will give me a good shot at NYC internships and land me a good job after graduation. I've come to an understanding that going straight to grad school for an MBA right out of Undergraduate will be very difficult. Rutgers Business School is the best one in NJ, but is there...
What's up with all of the wing tips? I had a pair back in the 70s.... ooh, I was trying to forget about "70s fashions".
FYI - You can pick up a Meyer and Mortimer suit for under $3k. If Stuart Lamprell prices follow, I'll find a seat on this bandwagon. Although I may hold out for Henry Poole.
I know it doesn't make sense to buy a shearling coat when you live in the South, but I this ain't about what's practical, ok? Problem is I don't know anything about the different types of leather. There's your Rocky Mtn Spring lamb or the Spanish Merino Spring lamb or the Spanish Borrego or just the Spanish Merino or the Kalgon Shearling. I'm kinda partial to Spanish Merino Spring, but who knows? Does anyone have a...
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