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I just picked up a spanish merino shearling coat directly from the manufacturer (Mill Valley Leather) in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for 60% off!    
I have a Stetson Dune Gun Club. It's a great hat, although not necessarily western.
If you are truly interested in timeless style, avoid trying to dress like someone else and simple find a cut that complements your features. Imitating Don Draper would be stretch when he's a 46 long and you are a 38 regular.
3 hours
I buddy of mine manages Anesthetists and claims they make $100k straight out of a master's program.... working part-time.
I picked up these about 3 months ago.
I didn't buy the boots online, I bought them at an estate sell. They were priced at $500, however, I only paid $125.
You'll make that scratch the first time they're worn. Congratulations you have a deal.
The Roma style is classic.
Yeah, you nailed it. What he said. Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I'm very sorry to hear this, especially if the outcome of the trial really was shaped by your appearance. You'd think jurors would understand that they are charged with making a decision based on the evidence, not on your pocket square. But, if nothing else, it's a valuable lesson on how strongly people can react to our clothing choices. For a lawyer, there really is such a thing...
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