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Quote: Originally Posted by smruss Persols are great, I have had a few pairs, but they have loads of better frames then these. What don't you like about the 2761 frame?
What say ye?
tell me what you really think...
What is your experience with the durability of Persol. I need to upgrade frames with an expensive progressive lens prescription and I am considering the 2761 model.
The coat is much too short. The hem of the coat should be close to your knuckle when your arm is hanging by your side. The baggy shoulders indicate the coat is too big. Most folks are too hung up on labels when the cut and the fabric are the important things. It's amazing what $30 on alterations will do for a suit.
In Atlanta, we prefer a simple plain white linen square folded discreetly. Nothing more is needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix even on lambswool? Even cashmere.
I wash wool sweaters all the time. Just use an electric shaver or hair clipper to remove the fuzz.
If you want more bang for your buck check out these jackets I bought a shearling last month and it is beautiful.
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