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The dry clean only labels are meaningless. I wash everything... just be smart about it.
Hi my name is Noah and I have a glass fetish. Here's my latest purchase. Persol 2388 Do they work for you?
Just picked up a pair of Levis 501 from J Crew for $20. You gotta know when to hold them....
This watch screams, "I haven't arrived, but I know where I'm going". all at under $500
The weight is due to the GLASS lenses not the frame. I understand the acetate is reinforced with metal but I can't stand the weight of glass. Quote: Originally Posted by inq89 Persol is like the Rolls Royce of sunglasses in my eyes (if there ever was such a ranking system). And its not as played out as Ray Bans, and its understated luxury since many people won't recognize the Persol logo. Quality seems to be very well made. My frames are thin but...
I would like to get progression lens in a Persol 2761 frame, however, I'm concerned about the weight. I'm assuming that switching from glass to a prescription lens will weigh considerably less. The Persol 2761 lens dimension are 60X16 which is a large lens. What types of progressive lens offer the best value with the least weight? I've visited several shops and they all recommend something different. My prescription is ...Sphere Add OD -3.25 +1.75 OS -3.25 ...
Or maybe the Arnel?
How about a Moscot Miltzen?
Picked up these last year OP Boxley
OP as in Oliver People? Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I own half a dozen pairs and love them but they're not particularly more durable or well-made than other Luxxotica brands. I think my OPs are better made and prob more durable. Salt too.
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