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[[SPOILER]] Worth the wait El S
[[SPOILER]] AAS, this goes right to the top of my fave AAS fits, love it
Cox, you are too kind. I'm pleased to share the podium with you Congratulations to you!Thanks to everyone for their kind support too much appreciated.Cox you want to take the reins for the next one? I'd happily help out with the admin' if you front it. LMK
I thank you kind sir
[[SPOILER]] Clags, any chance of a link or route to buy one of those?
[[SPOILER]] Thanks gentlemen
me three
[[SPOILER]] Can see why, particularly liking 2 and 3 there, very nice
But worth the wait Euro Upr and Unc top of the tree too
Thanks @Claghorn BTW did I go 4 for 4?
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