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[[SPOILER]] No and no for me friend, though YMMVYou should ask the question of the GNATers http://www.styleforum.net/t/375309/noodles-good-natured-advice-thread/9180#post_7271611If you're insistent on blue suit, white shirt (blue better) then you could go this way...Just an option (Drakes btw)
[[SPOILER]] Nice work Frilly
@New Shoes1 I've got nothing but good to say about my HC ties. Better still an AV to be lauded for all the right reasons
Hi not Ben,Has it got to be a white shirt? Just asking...Lots of good combos but better for you to read this as a starter, let us know what you think.http://www.styleforum.net/t/381083/waywrn-composite-20-thumb-minimum
He is that!
[[SPOILER]] Fantastic news CM, congrats! Great pics too, recipe for success there!
Thanks Man, I used my golf towel, as I always carry a set of clubs in the boot. But still managed to dirty my troos! On closer inspection scuffed my shoes (#@*)£@&*) never mind...
What a day! Back to back business meetings out and about in raging beautiful heat. Needed to be a tie and jacket day but no CBD. One guy, Commercial Director turned up in shorts! Though that was the successful meeting, good guy, may be some great business to come from that, hope so. Left him and had a tyre blow out on M1 (V busy motorway) those trousers are now a little dirty. Changing tyres in searing heat ain't my thing but did that and all now repaired. So, pics taken...
nice Unc Me today
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