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It is a very good suggestion...
Gents, thanks for the lurve here, heart warming indeed! Left Bath and now in Devon. Plans for surfing in the morning, can't wait. @noodles @Claghorn This is more than just a thread! @SeaJen What a great pic of the family, the pride and happiness shines through! I suppose as an epilogue the moral to my story is don't take anything for granted. We both thought we could have a family at the drop of a hat, but no way Pedro on that! Our English Flower Garden then, isn't...
[[SPOILER]] Tis indeed Bath, good spot gents. Great place to be, we're moving on today. Having a great time.The Duchess very kindly agreed to be my wife 25 years ago on September 2nd. We decided to travel and enjoy ourselves for three or four years before starting a family, we suffered several miscarriages and gave up, all very painful memories, very tough indeed. I got a call from the Duchess stating she was pregnant again which was met with dread not joy. They wrapped...
Very kind of you mate! They are the light of our lives, the flower garden!Patience friend, you're time will come.
[[SPOILER]] Proud indeed mate I see that. Charrming and delightful Today, Roman baths with the Flower garden
Collar sprez Timo (CST)
[[SPOILER]] Combo Unc
Very kind Unc, thank you
Just to repeat, you've got to love the diversification on this thread. @Claghorn
Very kind of you Spectre. Those shoes are C & J Westbourne. Thank you
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