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Thanks for the comments gents Just for clarity those pics are of the same shoe. C & J Alex approx 10 years old, the second pic being the most recent. I see what you mean about the first pic DW and have looked back at other pics. It would appear the second pic reflects how they look IRL most accurately, but never mind. My post was simply one of I like em! As said previously I have several pairs... Anyone else posting?
I have numerous whole cuts and cap toes and use them accordingly. Sander is right in that done poorly they do not work. Done well WCs are exceptional. Just saying...
or is it that the other guy barely has a head?
LS is omnipresent
PS @Mr Knightley Would go down a storm here http://www.styleforum.net/t/362365/the-quintessential-dress-shoe-black-cap-toe-oxford
[[SPOILER]] Looking good Mr K Didn't realised they signed them as refurbished, interesting
Easter weekend! Sorry buddy we have plans, once again my loss
@Marc Voorhees Enjoyed that, thanks for posting
Man, no stress I just assumed you had posted it previously, my apologies.We will be here, ready when you are. Thanks again
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