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£16m Mario V £16m Wellbeck, who knew?
Fair enough, can't disagree with that
Don't know the colour of your shirt Las so I'm gonna take three guesses as the source of your angst...Is it (A) you're displeased that RM have Benz, taken on the the little Pea (!) and seen the man go elsewhere?Or (B) your'e a Red and think that they should be buying a world class Centre Half and not a striker?Finally (C) you're a Gooner and they are, at this late stage, considering Wellbeck (!!!) whilst United snap up Falcao?
[[SPOILER]] Hearty congratulations Steff
[[SPOILER]] Very kind Unc, nice to be home
[[SPOILER]] Congratulations Erik, if luck be needed may you have a house full
[[SPOILER]] Thanks Mr. Knightley, not easy this morning but toughed it out (!)You're sporting some DM's there I see. I have a weakness for those, you have set a mind racing... Well played!
First day back at the grindstone
[[SPOILER]] Excellent, wear in good health
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