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Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated.They are C&J Westbourne. Put a little extra saphir dark brown on the ct.
Nice work arnathor
[[SPOILER]] You do well sir, very well
[[SPOILER]] Thought Thomas did exceptionally well to play his way into the team on merit, what a man. I thought he played pretty well too, his presence in the team room must have been invaluable as well. I'm in no doubt that Scandinavia will host a Ryder Cup soon, where will it go? Thomas has influenced many and my contacts have said the Danes and Germans are early favourites for 2022 bidding alongside Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.
[[SPOILER]] I thank you and compliment returned, good work Unc
[[SPOILER]] RTC, kop. For me the 'yellow' one would get less necktime...
[[SPOILER]] It is sir. Nice combo you got there
Thanks mateRe the Avatar, just for the Ryder Cup I'm afraid. May now go back to one of the old faithfuls or a new one...
Thank you sir!
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