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I say!
Congratulations Eric Next?
Last hurrah for da voting, midnight approaches......
Shameless! Men of wealth and taste prostituting themselves for a stunning Macclesfield. What has the world come to?! My word!
You have a front!
Ha, LOL! Mark his name was, he did attract attention anyway and then a camel DB cashmere tended to make him the light in a moth filled room!Come to think of it they were good days, the boys (second generation Mods and latter day New Romantics) were not the soft touch often perceived. Good memories!
I would like to be associated with the words of the last speaker
PS http://www.crombie.co.uk/heritage/
Mate, to be fair I've not seen one in a long while. Whether good, bad or indifferent. A friend of mine had a lovely DB cashmere some time back which looked fantastic, though it ended up as I recall, beer and blood stained. The blue crombie style is order of the day as well tomorrow... Myself and Upr wore similar over coats earlier this year or may be last autumn on our meet up in London... My next overcoat will be a covert I think, especially for the racing season....
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