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[[SPOILER]] Wurger, very well played
Well it's a lovely part of the world, I probably get to go on average twice a year for work. If I had to choose I'm more of a blue than a red
Very kind dear heart.My favourite fit pic of these shoes and if I knew why I'd repeat it. Haven't the time for a photography course...
Fabulous dear heat, many thanks.
Sorry mate, didn't appreciate your scouse/red leanings. 0 - 0 second half though, hurrah!
Iso, your aspirations and drive to improve will be admired by most here. Thing is, that is tempered by some very good advice, succinct and otherwise, urging caution which you appear to have disregarded. The net result is, I'm afraid, a waste of your valuable time and money. I'm not one for long winded posts, as i tend not to read those posted by others, so suffice to say from MF down to Stitchy that is all gold ^ Cut your losses, get reading on these boards, PM SF...
Couldn't be better - Family asleep, SF, a beer, Liverpool going down and shoe shine night! [[SPOILER]]
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