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[[SPOILER]] Combo Unc
Very kind Unc, thank you
Just to repeat, you've got to love the diversification on this thread. @Claghorn
Very kind of you Spectre. Those shoes are C & J Westbourne. Thank you
+2 SeajenI do some consultancy work for an organisation and was shocked to learn just a couple of weeks ago that a very nice young woman will be away for 4 weeks as she was to visit India to meet her future husband. I'm not in anyway judgemental re these things, indeed I am very much live and let live. What stunned me is she is third generation British and a very strong assertive person yet clearly the cultural/religious values still hold sway even in 2014.My mind boggles
[[SPOILER]] MF, welcome home man
[[SPOILER]] Some combo there B
Best dog(s) - EFV
Thanks AAS, no tweaking required (like I know what to do!) just good old English sun.Never considered plain white, now you mention it. Just had blinkers for that combo. Maybe next time, thanks.
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