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nice job @justkwan
Plenty of interest from me mate they're just too big for me They are excellent, surprised still here
Help ma' Boab they are!
Always bears repeating regardless, @RogerP they are fab - u - lous!
Lighting! Just thinking the very same. I see you've go the drip, drip of quality shoe sales going on! Nice G&Gs there! The good lady will be delighted with more premium leather going out of the door
Hi Mate, interesting question got me thinking...Well not close at all actually so not difficult to choose either. While they are different shoes for different days (horses for courses) of course so no real issue there...pic for comparison...
Fabulous I clicked ready with card in hand only to discover too small (I think) as I am uk 7 or uk 7.5 based on last My loss
I was just to going to say the same, sharing the podium with you Anden is great.
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