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Priceless Doodals, you blogging all this?
[[SPOILER]] Combo Unc
Nice choice HFast. Will try to post an entry
Likewise, most of my day. What struck me was how much I missed it! Got some work done though...
"Purging local DNS caches will definitely help and notably Google Chrome has its own internal DNS cache which can be cleared by restarting chrome" Is what I heard and Google Chrome is good to go right now. So clear Caches!
Dunno, doubt it I suppose. London boy so assume he'd have stayed there and joined the Dad's Army at Loftus Road. Sure the Gooners wouldn't have had him back!!!
True that. If he stayed, wonder where he'd of gone?QPR?
Well done HFast
What you got?
Really? Not all of us dear heart.I'd be concerned too about setting yourself up as the arbiter of all things good then ducking behind baseless aussie stereotypes when questioned. I like and agree with some of your points and disagree with others, I take issue with your dismissive approach though.PS I liked the greyhound! What happened?
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