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@pingson Your post reminded me of this. http://www.styleforum.net/t/270736/tie-swap-box-uk-europe-edition Any appetite to resurrect the idea? (UK and Europe)
[[SPOILER]] Excellent idea Ping
Thanks for the reminder C&A. I've ordered and paid for mine
Don't like rasberries
[[SPOILER]] V noice PCK1
I'm mindful of your epic three-piece suit in 50 + degrees!?!?Look forward to the same
Yeah, done the same with trousers too. Really need the steam though mate
Don't believe that, I'm with Seajen, you are always of the happiest dispositions in my mind
I've hung a tie or two in the bathroom for a few days and that has helped...
[[SPOILER]] This off the back my blog suggestion? I will happily accept any offer of percentage cut between 19 and 21%.I know, I know I'm being generous but I'm all for backing new biz
New Posts  All Forums: