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Oh of course. The Bath House, quite out of eyesight, is a riot of soap, suds and bashing against the rocks!
Damn, i was hoping you might suggest that you leave the remainder for me at Steed
Typically, over the years, the challenge closes for entrants sometime on a Saturday with the poll going up directly. The poll closes on the Monday evening. New challenge subsequently going out on the Tuesday/Wednesday in readiness...
Gezza, that ping and others aren't getting through. I'll try here @CraftsmanCo Fingers crossed
That is plenty, you will be delighted too. PM on the way
You're very kind DT. I wouldn't call it a royal oxford, I'll think on.... It is currently being laundered, the staff like to keep on top of these matters
XP apologies Zzzzzzz
Went to Perth, Scotland and wore these on Sunday
Very kind of you @ericgereghty
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