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Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx You guys are just relentless! Yeah, tough crowd. I was admiring the clothes and the cultural translation that occurs for so many of these Japanese men to dress well or, at a minimum, interestingly. It's certainly no coincidence that many of the very best Italian tailors have ateliers in Japan, e.g., Liverano. These guys take it seriously!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx This is excellent. I'm fascinated by these young Japanese men and their dedication to dressing well. They often do it very well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck et voila! Beautiful chukkas! You guys are on a roll with the Carminas. My bank account curses you but my heart says moar!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon Am I going mad? I think that shirt and tie combo looks good. Theoretically it should be a disaster non? It's tricky, but in addition to Holdfast's insights, the key is that the relative spacing of the polka dots is sufficiently different in scale to the mini gingham of the shirt that it doesn't create that jarring visual distraction that would otherwise make this a fail. I still wouldn't do it,...
Just received my second pair from The Armoury, and I'd say they fit true-to-size. I ordered 7.5 UK on both the Simpson and Alcudia lasts and they fit my US 8.5 feet well. If anything, they are a smidge snug, but that's also consistent with my ability to sometimes move up to an 8 UK. If it's any help, UK 7.5 fits me perfectly on the C&J 348 last.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pliny I like the 3 eyelet blucher very much. Sleek and simple. Thinking of getting one just like this on the F last, but in black - rather than getting the Oxford. Any thoughts on whether to go for Italian polish or plain, and on whether to add a toe-cap? No thoughts on Italian polish or plain, but I would not put a toe cap on these shoes. It would look a bit like a Frankenshoe as the three eyelet derby is...
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho My P2 PTB in antique cognac shell, and white Goyser. Does the appearance of these new P2's mean that packages from Hungary by way of Hong Kong will be arriving soon to brighten our dreary winter days??
Quote: Originally Posted by Beaune Head I don't know about buying an entire outfit at once, but I am convinced that buying individual items without having an outfit in mind is a costly mistake. You end up with a closet full of stuff that you never wear because none of it goes together. Resisting the impulse to buy, for example, a shirt, just because it seems like a cool shirt, is a discipline that is oddly difficult to acquire. This is not...
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA I've been wearing shoes almost my entire adult life and that's never happened to me. Almost???
Quote: Originally Posted by chvynva916 Only comment I'll add is that I (former NY big firm attorney) wouldn't ever choose shoes based on what "most lawyers/attorneys are wearing in Toronto or New York." Lawyers generally don't know how to dress. Buy what you like, and don't worry about fitting in (best way to do this would be to dress poorly) or about drawing attention (they won't notice or care whether you wear kenneth cole or...
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