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Looks really nice, congratulations.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix The guy in the right is the pinnacle of terrible GQ groupthink. Stands to reason as he's the editor of GQ, sadly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Knowledge is King You must be confused. In order to post on this page, you have to quote the Colin Firth image.
Quote: Originally Posted by ho1joon I usually wear GG 7.5E, EG888/82 7.5E, CJ348 7.5E 337 7E, JL8000 7E, Church's 7.5F How should I go with Sutor Mantellassi in UK size? Searching Forum, I only found info about european size. Please help. Does SM has wide feet? If you're a 7.5 in the C&J 348, you're a 7.5 in SM in UK size. They do not run wide.
While Houston can be a sartorial wasteland, with the exception of Hamilton Shirts and a few fine men's stores, there are the occasional bright spots. The article in the Houston Chronicle, below, demonstrates a surprising interest in the background of English shoes and doesn't simply focus on what's "fashionable." Nice pics, too. The recommendation on with what to wear the Russian deer cap toes, though, is
Any irony in a thread regarding non-Sartorialist Looks becoming about the Sartorialist's look? Just sayin'.
Leffot no longer carries them. At this point, AFAIK, there are only two options in the U.S. The J.M. Weston store in New York and Saks. Saks, however, may be limited. By the way, not to rub it in, but I have the shoes you reference and they're terrific.
PM sent
PM sent. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI WTF are you talking about? That's a pretty simple way to tie a scarf. +1
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