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I can't comment on his style, but I did accidentally wander into his atelier last week while looking for Cappelli's shop, which is actually on the other side of the same palazzo. They were awfully nice about pointing me in the right direction and had some nice looking, if a bit stylized, items.
As an admirer of the original intent of the thread, and as a frequent adherent to its ethos, I agree with the prior comments about its recent divergence. That said, let me offer one more perspective. Some of the posters may simply not have a good grounding in conservative business dress and are genuinely offering what they view as their best expression of that particular style, so to speak. I'm not excusing it -- because if they paid close attention, they wouldn't be...
I like my shoe bags, too, but you're depriving yourself of a great opportunity to see your shoes arrayed together by keeping your shoes in them. Vass need to be on display, even if you're the only one to see them.
I doubt you're wearing fun socks with them, though! (softy)
^^ +1. The house shoes were ridiculous, but this is the way I first saw the photo.
I would normally go, but the Texas market is still trying to catch up with itself after our huge surge in project and transmission development. So not this year. Enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by sugarbutch I think I have whiplash: On the one hand, the odd SC *is* CBD... On the other, it's *not* CBD! In any case, this thread seems to be morphing into another WAYWRN. I like both threads, but the differentiation is breaking down. Manton needs to show his pimp hand again. Nope, didn't say the odd SC "is" CBD. I said it's not "just" casual or weekend wear. There's plainly a difference. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I don't think an odd SC is ever truly CBD. It is Business Casual, or good for a weekend CBD, I think. First, plus one on the fit being excellent. It is a great understated combo that still has personality. I disagree slightly, though, that an odd SC is only business casual or good for weekends. While it's not necessarily CBD, at least in this region it's accepted in just about every...
^^^ Ehhh. My comments were directed at the reaction to George Hamilton, not Marzotto, who looks baller, even with a wall clock on his wrist. I misquoted. Back to regularly scheduled lurking.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley I love the nitpicking on SF! When you're this guy, you do the hell whatever you want. +1. 8,000 threads about how crappy stars, athletes, princes, and other notables dress and someone gets it pretty damn close to correct and he gets called a d-bag. Tough crowd.
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