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Yes. You're fine. If it helps, I'm on the hiring committee of a very large firm.
Quote: Originally Posted by youngScholar Vicuña!!
Where are the AE Seconds???
^ +1. Ill-fitting all the way around.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire It's embroidery, the 7 is there because it's a lucky number. Thanks, P. Appreciated.
Is that a pin or embroidery on his tie?? I noticed it on the previous tie as well. It's curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by easy_golfing Are the Super 140's delicate? I'm not to aware of how count affects hardiness, but I've read the higher, the more delicate. A touch delicate, but very comfortable. They need a new crease ironed in every so often, but worth it for the comfort. I'd get more if they had them in my size.
I believe they're made in China. I'm very happy with mine. The fit and finish is good. Only complaint is odd front pocket angle, but that's minor.
Matt, if I may call you Matt, I just read your review of the Cappelli and Rubinacci ties on your blog. Coincidentally, I purchased ties at both shops last week as well. Your review of the differences in the two was on point. I think you perfectly characterized the shopping experience as well as the differences in construction and feel. Nice job. And I couldn't find Cappelli either, but it gave me the opportunity to stumble into Formosa, across the courtyard from...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Cappelli was going to charge me €100 for ties--which is what Marinella, Cilento and all the other nice places charge--but because I was with Mina he charged me €90. Come to think of it, all the ones I bought on my own trip were cashmere so maybe €100 is the cashmere price, which would make sense. Rubinacci as I recall was €100 for regular silk and €120 for cashmere. These were regular fold, I didn't ask...
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