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Food for thought -- thanks all.
Has anyone taken a double sole U-last down to a single sole? I have a pair of Italian Oxfords with a double sole that look a little heavy and could stand to look a bit more refined. How skilled does a cobbler need to be to make such an alteration? If I can get it done, I'll post before and after pics. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. --Guero
While I, too, don't appreciate Mr. Wooster's style, chrisb109's point is both very well stated and, in my case anyway, well taken.
This is great. Would go in a hearteat if I lived in LA or SoCal. Thanks, Jesse. And good luck to Raul.
Go to Nick's. Ask for Hector.
They were once produced by Bausch & Lomb in the US. Ray-Ban is now owned by the luxxotica group and are produced in Italy. The conventional wisdom, such as it is, is that they are not as well-made as when they were made here. My guess is that's largely a product of the "trend" favoring made in the US production, particularly in the denim and street wear arena.
FFS, the OP's point is that walking in to work sporting a tie without having bothered to complete the outfit with a sports coat or suit jacket looks, well, incomplete. Of course there are pictures of gentlemen sans jacket that look fine. I like to think that when I remove my jacket once in the office I look fine, too. That's beside the point. The point is if you've adopted a business casual style of dress, trying to step it up by adding a tie without adding a coat...
+1. An excellent, well-situated hotel.
Lance, Does that mean the Di Bianco's share the same lineage as Sutors? AJ -- the Borrellis are the trim European fit, not the blousy American fit. Love 'em. Thanks, Lance!
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