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To be fair, I believe the seller's point is that the line they offer is not the shoddier-made Studio line and that the black label line is, in fact, a "high" line. The broader point being that the Amedeo Testoni line is not readily available for purchase almost anywhere. Thus for most shoppers looking for A. Testoni models, at least here in the US, the black label line represents the highest quality readily available line. And, in my experience, they are of good quality.
To be fair to roped shoulders, though, Sciamat's shoulder is more than roped, it's out-and-out puffy, by design -- and definitely not for everyone (including me). If you're interested in natural shoulders with roping, look at the Isaia Base V, that's a pretty good example of how it can be done in a manner that is less extreme than this.
+1. And that's almost never a good thing.
In Neapolitan lore, the red coral (corrallo rosso) is not only good luck, but it helps ward off il malocchio -- the evil eye. In Naples and the Amalfi coast you see red coral symbols all over the place, along with its counterpart - a harlequin/jester representing il malocchio.
Thanks, Pliny. You're a gentleman and a scholar.
Interesting. I didn't realize that. Should have done my homework. Five pairs on and still learning. So what is the name of my standard U-last oxford cap toes with no brogueing and without that treatment on the side?
It is Kate Upton. Excellent call on the Noodling. Can we get back to regularly scheduled programming?
+1 to the comments above, Simplicio. Beautiful shoes. How do you specify the treatment on the side quarters? I'd love to incorporate that on a future pair.
While I realize this reflects a heavy SF bias, based on the fact that you use the term "makers" and not manufacturers, "style" and not fashion, and "style culture" instead of universally stylishly dressed populace, I would think you'd have to include Naples. That's certainly consistent with my own visit and shopping experience there. I don't think you can measure that based on Naples' global impact, but on a subjective basis I think you have to throw it in the mix.
I have that square and had been wondering how best to wear it. Still wondering.
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