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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero San Sebastian? + 1 million
^^ If it's the Fall order with our resident Vass pusher, they're supposed to arrive in HK in early February and be shipped immediately thereafter. Fingers crossed.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM Get rid of that windsor knot. it takes away for the whole Napoli look. It's an oxymoron Surprisingly, I disagree. While I favor a FIH, this is one instance where the Windsor looks good. And sorry to be the diction police, but an oxymoron is a contradiction in terms, not concepts. You mean paradox. MTE, I may be headed to Naples in June, and I'm thinking seriously about dipping my toe in here. I may...
Was in the store a few weeks ago and left impressed with the care that went into the selection of the shoes. Great mix of style and substance and very much worth the trip.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack I have bought several Isaia items from STP - probably five or six sportcoats and a few suits. None of them has ever had the Gianluca tag. All have been the red Isaia Napoli tag. Ditto, and not a one of them has anything but a red Isaia Napoli tag. PC is right that they are likely from several seasons ago but they're by no means ancient. Besides, if you're buying classic styling, who cares? Best...
Quote: Originally Posted by RJE The standing shot is far from clear; but it looks like four buttons. I guess if the hole is gaping, it could look a bit round, giving the effect of a button. I don't quite concede an OCD failure yet . One shot is in the mirror, thus the image is reversed.
At C&J New York yesterday I was told that they make their belts from the same leather as their shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Yes, Doc's post makes a lot of sense. It will be fun to watch when the Vox/Foo/Phat Guido of the structured look finally arrives, especially if he is vociferous as well as a good self-photographer: how will the various prominent posters coexist? Will the forum split up? Will the current sellers introduce structured stuff (well, accessories that go with that look) or will new sellers spring up? I see this...
I don't think they're gimmicky at all, but you're right to recognize that certain ties based on their pattern, texture, or composition work better in certain circustances than others. For example, I like the Kent Wang ties you show (want to sell the brown one?), but I wouldn't wear them with a suit. A knit tie seems somewhat more casual and would work better with a sport coat in my opinion. Not a hard and fast rule, just a sense of it. I myself like paisley ties but...
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn Btw what do y'all think of roped shoulders? I'm thinking 'likely suit'. Nope. Suits and SCs. See the Isaia Base V model.
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