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I just had to cancel a trip to SF. I may have a NY trip in January. I'll be watching Mina's schedule carefully.
Parker, those all look really great. There aren't many things that make me regret living in fly-over country, but this is one of them. Question: Is the 1/4 lined coat your preference or Mina's? I'm interested in the thought process behind it.
Never had an issue with my OTR Isaia suit pants -- and I played collegiate soccer, meaning trouser width, particularly at the thighs, can be an issue for me. Perhaps the newer seasons are much more trim-fitting.
This. Yesterday, all day in the office -- woven. Today, meet with top regulator of oil and gas business in TX -- print.
While I agree with the criticism of the boots and suits look, this is one of those sartorial phenomena that will NEVER change. Certain politicians and businessmen in Texas will always do it. It's not pandering, it's not a game, it's just Texas. And Lasbar, I've been to Europe many times and seen how Texas is kind of a cartoon there. All I can say is you'd have to visit to see why so many people here love it. If you come to Houston, I'll even buy you one of our...
Have you seen the pics in the OP's post or those available on The Armoury's web site? That's why they're so popular. And from personal experience, they compare favorably with many of the more expensive shoes in my rotation.
Honestly, as framed, your question may be better posed in SW&D. In MC, the question iswhether and when you can wear it untucked.
This is sooo crispy, PSG. What's the source?
[/quote] I'm in Houston and in the market for bespoke so will look forward to more reports. Which tailor are you using? That looks a bit like Mr Jimmy Ahmed's place on Chimney Rock?[/quote] It's Nick Lopez Tailors. I won't take my good stuff anywhere else. Also has a huge selection of fabrics for bespoke.
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