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Ditto @ $162.50. The Spoo sales premium works again.
Second from the top, are size 8 US. Sutor Mantellassi. I highly recommend LuxeSwap, by the way.
I was recently told the upcharge is 50%. As for timing, I understand it can be several months for MTO.
Great idea and really handsome look on those.
The map is very handy, thanks. I printed it and used it on my recent trip through Naples. OP, the shops around Chiaia -- Marinella, Cappelli, Attolini, Finamore, Rubinacci, Milord --really are quite close to each other. Cappelli can be a bit tricky to find, as it's located on what is, in effect, the back side of a palazzo. But ask around, it's worth the visit.
+1 to buttoning up. A gentleman can get away with more than the average cad, but this is pushing it. And thanks for the photos CN, LH really is a Napoli must see. Even if, like me, you're a small-timer only there to pick up some ties.
FYI, that's herringbone, not houndstooth. Great shirt.
[/quote] Tux looks great, but Raquel . . .
If you just want the heft of the double FIH, thread the front blade through the second loop. If you want that sprezzy look (sloppy to me, but to each . . .), thread through the first loop and you'll get that extra bit of fabric peeking out as in the photos above.
+1, Kent. I know linen is the classic standard, but I use the very square you posted above because linen feels a bit stiff, somehow, in the evening context. Don't really know the reason.
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