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Ordered on April 7th Confirmed on April 9th Told Fabric Out of Stock on April 16th Recieved April 30th. Not bad for my 1st jantzen experience. The shirt fits fine for the most part. seems to fit a bit tight through the arm, not sure what measurement they base this on, but will probably need to ask for them to give me a few extra inches next time? I also haven't washed it yet - should i be expecting shrinkage?
Quote: Originally Posted by fashion_newbie Ordered on the 6th, recieved confirmation on the 8th, let's see when I get it. send order on the 7th, recieved confirmation on the 9th,
Isn't this the 2nd or 3rd time you've created this exact same thread?
Anyone know a decent cobbler downtown that is good with topys? Anyone have experience with any other sole protector brands? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by csleee How does something under the collar that you can't even see make it so you can't wear it at work? If he's not wearing a tie and wearing the shirt with the top button undone. I'm sure that in this circumstance his coworkers could catch a "flash" of the crap under the collar. Rafa - have you take this issue to the company? I can't believe they wouldn't fix that for you. Love the website, but...
Hey Guys - hoping you can either confirm or deny... I heard somewhere that Harry Rosen house brand suits "J.P. Tilford" are the Harry Rosen version of Samuelsohn suits. Is this true? Does Samuelsohn make J.P Tilford products for HR? Thanks!
My roommate made it up there. He picked up a slim fit Arnold Brant for $280. (90% wool / 10% Cashmere, fused). But still a great price compared to what he would have paid at Harry Rosen.
Sorry to say but $700 for a strellson is not a good price my friend. In Toronto Grafton & Co. carries them regular priced $500-$700. The Bay @ the Eaton's Centre also carries a variety of strellson cuts at this same price point as well. Standard MSRP.
If anyone ends up going - please let us know if you find anything decent!
Quote: Originally Posted by freespirit Are you talking about the clearance sale or whatever at the International Centre this weekend? What clearance sale? Details please!
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