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Looks about right to me.
Looks about right to me.
I say the Zegna. Very nice.
Got a vintage whale n' seagull belt today. Now, where are my lobster trousers?
Quote: Oh, come on. You people are hopeless. I've seen pink-and-white seersucker, and it looks fine. Wear what you'd wear with standard blue-and-white seersucker. White bucks or spectators are both good choices. Well, I certainly am not giving up my red ones... But, to each his own.
As a freelancer, it varies wildly. When there's not a lot of stuff in the pipeline, I have a lot of free time to screw around. But if I'm busy, then I'm at the computer 12+ hrs a day, as I tend to just immerse myself in a project until it's finished and rarely come up for air. Days, nights, weekends - it's all the same...
I have some red seersucker trousers. I wear them with white slides, as I only rock them on the Vineyard in the summer.
Quote: PHV is being a lot more blunt than I am, but he has the same opinion I do.  It's not hideous, but the color/design is kind of "blah," and there's no life to it, and I certainly don't see anything that would compel me to pay $100, regardless of construction.  I hope this is a prospective purchase and not an already-made one, so I don't have to feel bad saying that. I hate to pile on, but I don't like it either...
Quote: Quote: (misterbowles @ Mar. 28 2005,22:06) All of these men and women have one thing in common - the desire for quality, the will to have their unique demands fulfilled, and faith in Darren's knowledge and training. Excellent edit.  My main concern was the above line.  These men and women have one thing in common, but three are listed. Other quibbles: combination . . . allows; fora (while correct, it's likely to be understood...
Quote: Quote: (ernest @ Mar. 29 2005,15:50) I think you should stop taking yours... Why did you ask me this =  So you don't respect Farmer or Roma? BECAUSE i told that bracelets were for gypsies and so do not wear any. So as you do not dress  like drag queens, should i conclude you do not respect them (like you did with me for gypsies?) and that BUSH is proud of you? Ernest, I gotta hand it to you. You just used gypsies, drag queens...
New Posts  All Forums: