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Quote: I'm not here to discuss my job. Esp. to a unemployed person who wants to borrow money from me. Ernest and I are on the same page here. That ought to tell you something... He may be a little strange, but he's not stupid. And neither am I.
Quote: Quote: (jmswentworth @ April 04 2005,06:09) Am i the only one on this bord to think to are given to lying? Ernest, I am with you on this particular suspicion.
I love that rug.
Quote: The Postman with Kevin Costner is 3.5 hours of m ylife that went to waste. I freakin' LOVE that movie. Lord help me, I don't know why...
Quote: Are these cuffed or uncuffed trousers? Both; it's a pretty even split in the suit department, and with trousers alone, I tend to stick with no cuffs. Does it make a difference?
Thanks, guys. I'll go by the heel method. Seems to make sense.
Loved Sunshine, but hated LIT. Go figure.
I am Spartacus.
Quote: "Business casual" is a conspiracy of Satan to soften up the human race for the coming invasion of the earth by underworld demons.  That may overstate the case a bit; I'm not sure.  In any case, I can't prove that the above is true, but I feel it in my bones. LOL. You're the man, Manton.
I can't seem to get this right. The conventional wisdom seems to be that the trousers should break ever so slightly on your shoes, but I find that if I wear them at this length, when I am walking, my trousers seem to be a bit high-waterish. I have been erring on the shorter side, as the "puddle of cloth around the ankles" look is, obviously, horrible, but I can't help but feel that I'm showing too much ankle *blush* in my stride. What EXACTLY is the accepted US standard? I...
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