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You're crazy.
No, I'm not any medication...
I like this one, although I am biased...
I know this will sound a little odd, but I'm being quite serious... For some reason, in the past month or so, my right armpit has begun to sweat really heavily. My t-shirt will get wet within an hour after I apply anti-perspirant, and it soaks through to my shirt quickly after that. I have no idea why this is suddenly happening; I've never had this problem before. I use Aveda anti-perspirant, which is actually pretty powerful, and has always worked in the past. I haven't...
Quote: Pity. While he took his hobby to what I would consider a bit out of the norm, I rather enjoyed the fact that he provided a dash of colour to the web. A shame he took it down. Yeah, it's kind of a drag. Oh well...
Quote: I have not got a jet, crazy little man. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
Good grief, Wentworth; just make a gracious exit. The jig is up, dude.
Quote: Quote: (zjpj83 @ April 03 2005,21:56) my sister is a managing director at Bear Stearns.  What department are you in? See PM, This is not a matter I want to discuss, work is for work hours. LOL.
http://sean.adventureteam.com/pages/...iechristie.jpg Yow.
Quote: Quote: (misterbowles @ April 04 2005,06:21) He may be a little strange, but he's not stupid. And neither am I. Why am i strange? Well, maybe "eccentric" is a better term. I didn't mean to offend you.
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