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Have these been sold?
Understood, Sator. Just wanted to know if the canvas, so to speak, was worth painting...
I definitely like the lower gorge and especially the lower button stance. I was just wondering if the construction was quality -- I didn't have much time to research it; I happened upon the auction with only about 30 mins left and sort of leapt at the Pal Zileri reputation, low price, and near-perfect sizing... Sorry... Not on top of my game, apparently!
I feel like this was a good snag -- the Pal Zileri white label is fully canvassed, is it not? Opinions? Thanks, John
I'm looking for a black or black pinstriped suit, size 44R (47/48 chest, 25 sleeve, 38 waist, 31 inseam). eBay isn't serving up the quality I'd like... Anyone? Thanks, John
What a tease. I'm a 17x35. Damnit!
Does anyone know anything about the quality of these fabrics?
Quote: Originally Posted by boston Hi: Does anyone have any experience with Lands End Suits? (I know we've discussed their shirts on the forum already). They offer semi-canvased suits at very low prices, and while I know they are only semi canvased, they may be better deals than fully fused suits, which can run for 4-5x the price. Usually, their jackets are like tents around me, but their new "tailored fit" might be better. Certainly I find their...
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