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Anyone have any info on the quality of these suits? I just purchased one at a thrift shop that literally needs no alterations. Made in Italy, with Saks tag. Thanks, John
Have these been sold?
Understood, Sator. Just wanted to know if the canvas, so to speak, was worth painting...
I definitely like the lower gorge and especially the lower button stance. I was just wondering if the construction was quality -- I didn't have much time to research it; I happened upon the auction with only about 30 mins left and sort of leapt at the Pal Zileri reputation, low price, and near-perfect sizing...
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=260051678093 Sorry... Not on top of my game, apparently!
I feel like this was a good snag -- the Pal Zileri white label is fully canvassed, is it not? Opinions? Thanks, John
I'm looking for a black or black pinstriped suit, size 44R (47/48 chest, 25 sleeve, 38 waist, 31 inseam). eBay isn't serving up the quality I'd like... Anyone? Thanks, John
What a tease. I'm a 17x35. Damnit!
Does anyone know anything about the quality of these fabrics?
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