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I purchased #14; my first Charvet and what a beauty it is. Thanks to Andrew for the great deal, great communication, and super-fast shipping! -John
PM Sent on #14
I would like #14 - the pink and blue one. Is it still available? Thanks, John
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc Also DeCalo seems honest They were great. Hooked me up with a coupon and shipped super-fast; I got the suit in 2 days - it's already being altered as we speak (just hemmed; the rest fit perfectly, amazingly enough). Great communication, as well. I highly recommend them amongst the sea of big suit sellers on eBay.
Scored a beautiful red Brioni tie for $3 today. Pristine condition, too!
Quote: Originally Posted by PTN It should be a fine, as long it fits around the chest and shoulders and the jacket length is correct. After that, just make sure you get it altered so that the pants and sleeves are the proper length. Congratulations on getting a good price on a suit from Canada's second-largest suit maker. Yep, I know my measurements to a T, and this should be perfect. In the industry, as I said - just not super familiar with...
Quote: Originally Posted by rssmsvc Does Macy's have a color dress code ? Macy's East has an all-black dress code. Kind of a drag.
Bought this on eBay from some big mass seller. Had to be black because I'm a suit salesperson at Macy's in order to get health insurance. Any thoughts on quality/value? Thanks, John
C'mon, anyone? Just a quick bit of info on general quality... Thanks, John
Anyone have any info on the quality of these suits? I just purchased one at a thrift shop that literally needs no alterations. Made in Italy, with Saks tag. Thanks, John
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