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I'm addicted to Tyrwhitt's brass stays. Always wear them -- even without a tie.
I collect vintage watches; mostly American Bulovas, Elgins, Hamiltons, and odd Swiss makes, and have lately been collecting Russian Poljots... Here are a few of my favorites. Apologies for the picture quality; my camera was being difficult... 1957 Bulova Manual... 1970 Bulova Oceanographer Automatic... 1972 Bulova Auto "Whale Logo" 1966 Rodania Swiss Made, 1986 Poljot , 1972 Poljot (all manual)
Just lost 65lbs!
Thanks for the info! -jpb
Hi - I purchased a Canali navy DB suit ($31!) at a consignment store recently. These are pictures of the tags - I have never heard of the "Esquire New York" retailer, however. Anyone have any information on this particular model through experience with Canali? It's a 6x2 DB non-vented jacket with triple pleated trousers. Thanks, John
New nested suits with some imperceptible defect at a Salvation Army (at least in my area) are not that uncommon, but finding a pair of Allen Edmonds is quite extraordinary! My only problem with the shoes is that they are charcoal and sueded, which makes them a bit less versatile. As cap-toes, my personal take is that they can't really be worn casually (just my opinion), so they'd have to go with charcoal suits (or maybe black, which Macy's forces us to wear!). The Canali...
I think I had the single greatest thrifting day of my life today. First, at one Salvation Army, I found a brand-new new light tan 3-button double-vented 44R Ralph Lauren Green Label (yes, not great quality, but a serviceable fused suit for what I paid for it) in summer-weight wool, trousers unfinished and pockets and vents still sewn shut. I'm a easy off-the-rack 44R these days, and the fit was perfect. I'm a freelance editor and writer, so I also work as a suit specialist...
I bought a tie from drizz and he shipped it ASAP and gave me a great deal. Good guy to do business with! - John
Mmmmmmm.... Standard 6" drop? Does Polo fit slim like Black, Blue and Purple, or is it more forgiving like the dreaded Green Label? Thanks, John
Man, that peak lapel 46r is tempting... What kind of vents does it have? Thanks, John
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