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Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur actually is looks a LOT like this one, other than the red in place of blue... (you can see the blue in the second picture) Nice watch (and suit, of course!) -- what is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Anyone here use/like X by CLive Christian? I have used that for casual and it has a unique scent. I had a decant of it at one point. I really liked it; a very well-structured and classic scent...but not nearly worth what Clive Christian charges for it, in my opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood Ormonde Jayne - Champaca - heady and heavy Czech and Speake - Neroli - a really good neroli Ah, but their #88 is to die for! One of my all-time favorites.
Try the sales forum at
Check out Bulova Marine Stars. I have a couple, and they are fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Malocchio I love charcoal gray, and I don't have one in this particular shade nor in a window-pane pattern. In short, there's a lot for me to like about this suit - with the exception of my unfamiliarity with Pal Zileri and inability to try on before buying! The fit is right on the money, but I can't really speak to the quality of the fabric. The seller claims its super 100s wool. Among the pictures he sent, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I love it and do it often. I like both cardigan and pullover sweater vests. Ditto, although I only wear sweater vests.
Me, too. Been a Basenoter for years! I have hundreds of scents, including full bottles, decants (the trade and sale of which has sadly been quashed), and samples. My (not nearly up-to-date) wardrobe is here.
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