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I have a new pair of Hellstern's the look recent. Are they still making new men's shoes? Was not able to find anything on the net.
I'm interested, but can't see the pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe First size is English - second (1/2 size bigger) is American. Width remains the same. The loafers are 10 (English) - 10 1/2 (American) - E width - Last 184 Lace-ups 9 1/2 (English) - 10 (American) - D width - Last 888 Hope that helps. Thanks! That helps alot. So, the E width would be a wide and the D is a medium width?
I have two EG shoes that I want to sell but I am not sure what the US sizes would be. I created an auction with the shoes and the markings. Any help would be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Dude, we've told you more than once already. Don't start a new thread for one eBay item you're listing. If everyone did that, we would have a thousand threads clogging up the forum. Make one thread with all your items and update it as needed. Furthermore, while there is no rule against posting your listings, people know how to find your stuff on eBay. FYI buyers come here to get deals and discounts, not for eBay...
I'll take Red Ear jeans if they are available. PM sent.
Just listed a new pair of $2,250 Lambertson Truex Crocodile/Alligator shoes size 10. Made in Italy and not South Africa like some othe the other LT Croc wallets and belts.*label*res..._sop=12&_rdc=1
Quote: Originally Posted by trader i don't have an ebay account (i hate ebay. account was hacked and items were unknowingly bought) can we purchase any of your items off here instead? PM me on what you are interested in.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Nice case but for the love of all things good, please combine your sale posts Yes, I will do that in the future.
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc I didn't realize that the OP was Blacklabelresale at first, but I've ordered from him often over the past 5-6 years (I think the first thing I got from him was some YSL jeans back in 2004 or so). He's always been a great seller; great items at good prices, fast shipping, excellent service. I hope he'll give us some deals here, too, but in any case, I'm glad he's found his way to SF. Thanks for the kind...
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