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1. This is less about the clothes and more about the gun and holster. Something small and slimline (think Walther PPK) is going to be easier. 2. Slim-cut shirt, not so slim-cut blazer. 3. This should be obvious, but keep the permit on you.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet incredible legs Those Louboutins make her calves look great. But then again, a $1000 pair of shoes should.
I've stopped paying attention to The Sartorialist now that I've realized some of the people he's shooting are homeless.
Many apologies. I dont see an option to move or delete the thread in the edit tools, however. Anyone know how to do this?
I'm getting married soon, and since my bride and I will be attending other formal events in the coming years I have decided to go ahead and buy a tuxedo. I have the jacket and trousers but I'm going to need a shirt, bowtie, and suspenders. That's right, no cummerbund; I've always thought they looked goofy. Shirt size is 16.5 34/35. I'm looking for a semi-spread collar, french cuffs, and no ornamentation. The tie should be black, a little narrower than most, and should...
I have a black 30G video in mint condition with the box it came in and a clear plastic protective cover.
Quote: Originally Posted by DDSJohnny texting is actually a great with girls. it's low pressure and if you're quick on your feet and witty/funny with your responses, it taps into girls' sentimental feeling and they get all excited. if you wanna ask her out, just text her that you're doing something at a certain time and she should come along. ex: hey i'm having a few drinks with friends on saturday. you should come along. it'll be fun. you can...
Turnbull and Asser grey stripe French cuff, 17 34/35 This is tailored like a "slim fit" and will not fit if you have a belly. The picture of the collar seems discolored, but there is no discoloration to this shirt. It is in excellent condition. $45 plus shipping
Shirt by Calvin Klein, Jacket by Banana Republic. Nothing fancy.
Nice to know I'm not the only one who thought Med's suits looked suspiciously British...
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