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Or the other obvious option
Quote: Originally Posted by Outlet_cherry_picker Orujo de hierbas from Galicia, Spain This is along the correct path ... it's not that I don't wish a mixed cocktail à la Rusty Nail, it's just that I'm hoping to stumble across a fantastic new taste ... much like the Calvados or Armagnac which were introduced by friends. Thanks for the suggestions thus far and please, keep them coming!!
After the celebratory holiday season, I've decided I need a new digestif. My longstanding favorites have always been Armagnac, Calvados, sometimes a Port .... I'm welcoming all suggestions. Cheers
new set of TaylorMade clubs
My advice ... walk up to Sporting Life or Sign of the Skier (both up near Yonge and Lawrence). It's ski fashion you're after, so ski shops would be a perfect start.
I've been showing this to my wife (who may or may not be getting a sewing machine for christmas) ... too big of a hint?? I absolutely love this thread. While it may not be so, you and your girlfriend have a way of making this process look accessible. Thanks for sharing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese First visit to Caplansky's last night. I ordered a fatty smoked meat sandwich and inhaled it....was unsure initially about the quality, so proceeded to order another one right after just to make sure. Yep, it's good. Gold ... have been thinking about trying that out. Here's two quite reco's: 1) The Stockyards - St Clair and Christie - These guys do some wicked slow cooked porchetta sandwiches, as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrenkin Doesn't Tom inevitably knock a little off those prices? Indeed they do ... at least 25% off the sticker price in many circumstances.
Dita - Flight 002 - Gold plated Titanium Initium - Superunknown -Olive Havana
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