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I missed out on the RN03 since I was at work all day. Any chance there is a 33 at SENY?
I'll be there for a few days in October. I haven't been back to Hong Kong since 07. Visiting Po Lin Monastery and having the vegetarian lunch is on the top of my to do list.
I've used Anthony Logistics for the last two years with no problems.
Super fast! Got my olive drabs and Rudie today. Thanks for getting it out yesterday Mike. I love it all. The chinos are fantastic. Great fit and construction. The taped seams are very nice. I will definitely have to pick up a pair in the british khaki color. The Shantung Rudie is just what I was looking for. Wish I ordered it sooner since the summer is almost over.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Thanks Harry! And no problem - I made the change on your order. We'll try to get this out today. Thanks Mike! Awesome as always...
Two weeks without a computer is hell. Just ordered mil spec chinos and the Rudie. I completely forgot about the sizing down on the chinos though. Is it possible to change that 31 to a 30?
What's the ETA on those OD greens?
They are a division of Bulova. Accutrons are solid pieces. Good build quality. MSRP is definitely a little high but you'll never see it at that point anyway. I purchased a VX200 dive piece from Shnoop a few years back. Heavy stainless case and bracelet. The bracelet comes with more than enough links to fit any size wrist. Sapphire crystals and good swiss movements (VX200 I purchased had an ETA 2824-2). Even comes in a lacquered wood display box.
My absolute favorite is Calbee Pizza Potato Not too far behind is Calbee Hot and Spicy I have to go out of my way to find those two. If I'm at the regular supermarket, I just grab a bag of regular kettle chips.
I got the chambray walts a few days back and I am impressed. I just have to get them hemmed but the fit is spot on. The fabric has a great color and feel. I will definitely have to add more walts into my wardrobe. My next purchase will be those olive drab chinos. That and I must visit the store to try that fedora on!!! That fedora will be mine.
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