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CJfish, you sound delusional sometimes... listen to your wife more often... and buy her some flowers
Quote: Originally Posted by nasty I didn't even know I was looking for something like this until I came across this thread. thats B&S for ya... (Free bump for nice handiwork)
One pair of crystal candleholders. Gift from company [Macquarie - investment bank] pre-GFC and times were good $60 or best offer, and buyer pays shipping from Australia Gift boxed as shown in red - with Macquarie logo.
Payment sent for Bettanin & Venturi green square buckle belt - Amazing Berluti-esque patina, very, very hard to find belts from this line, this nice. Especially NWT. Tagged size 32 (can also be made shorter at your leathermaker) $69
Payment sent for E. Marinella Navy blue Tie (Tie EC23)
If you need to ask, probably not your right field. Are you passionate about setting capital market expectations, building econometric models, have a broad view and mind and see linkages easily, a good communicator... you can end up anywhere from a large buy side firm, to front office investment bank, to government
back of any CFA curriculum textbook is a glossary. reading free papers: wsj, reuters, bloomberg will give you context later move on to research notes.
have you started 4 different threads in this subforum over the past week or so? SF is probably not the best place for employment advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's The answer to this question is not black and white, yes or no. It all depends on your relationship with the boss. you mean a male sexual relationship with the CEO is a scenario where you are obliged buy when he is in a line behind you. edit: I should be more concerned outdressing your bosses a few levels up.
get a job first and then lets talk
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