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in the economy downturn no watch retains their value, not even pateks.
slim cut trench coats seem young and trendy. i used to wear one over my shirt and tie. unless, you're trying to be mistaken for a detective and wear a huge one over your suit and 'everyday' shoes.
pricing for standard calf $1500. commissioned a pair last week. Pictures later ^^. alligator apparently costs $6000. I cant afford koo hee... and its my first bespoke shoe so i'll start slow and low cost,
dressing nice in banking is just a prereq, or does it actually add value like those numbskull HR people say??
and yes i have googled... but any of you guys can give me a description of terylene? is it good to have this polyester blend in suits- apparently making it more durable or always go pure wool?
blue navy pinstripe: SUPER 120s cashmere and mink worsted (holland and sherry) brown suit: super 120s worsted (wain shiell) I didn't like cut of blue suit cuz i'm a slightly slimmer build, waist wasn't as 'hourglass' shaped as i wanted the british style suit to be (2 buttons, 2 vents, lightly padded, etc). Its getting fixed. Alls fair and well when they give me the patch (see picture) saying its a H&S or WS suit, but how do you know its actually that brand? From the...
Hi all, its my first post here. I'm a fresh grad. getting quite fashion conscious- and learning a lot by reading past threads. I had a good experience here, I don't think they're advertised and seem very old school.. President Textiles Co Level 17 Fu Wai Centre 140 De Voeux Rd, Central, Hong Kong Phone +852 25420020 They have contracted a Shanghainese tailor- he looks about 65 years old and had 30+ yrs experience in the tailoring business. I asked, and he...
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