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is this DAINITE? Crocket and Jones Byron 337 taken from the stickied shoe porn thread.
at the elbow i personally find is too long- often a result of people wearing oversized shirts halfway showing the bicep is great for Mardi Gras.. So lets try somewhere in between- Tense up your biceps showing the muscle, and when the sleeve covers the bicep- I think that should be a good length for a short sleeve polo shirt. Never tried RL polos- only Brooks brothers. RL any good?
wow, you actually have sufficient reason to wear black shoes with a navy pinstripe suit. People say 'too military' look, but then you can counter with "I'm a naval officier" hoho. Brown shoes- Tick White shirt- Two thumbs up?
that being said, don't people tend to stay away from poly/cotton mixes for business shirts? Nearly every shop i know proclaim and hail the godliness of cotton- sea island, w. indies whatever... egyptian cotton. a shame its a bit too expensive for me at the moment, but i'm still very young.
yeh actually the shoe is part of the originals line, so it has been out in a few hundred versions. not everyone can afford kiton or borelli shoes.. and for casual this is probably what i'd get. For a new member like me, is this a style discussion forum or a lynching/unhelpful forum>?
Btw, for hand made shoes, is it absolutely necessary to stick the wooden thing inthe shoe after you wear it? I only have one of those "thingys".. but the other broke, so like any cheap retail shoe outlet, i'm stuffing the other shoe with bundled up wrapping paper in the meantime. Standard black calf leather, design a bit like a Churches shoe, also a bit like JL04Vintage it appears.
Just wanted to know how sports wear like this matches with denim. Say, dark colored jeans. If i posted this in Men's clothing, I'd get lynched by the John Lobb, C&J, Edward Green fans... This pair recently came out in Asia, retailing for around 579HKD or 75USD attached picture of the sneaker in question.
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg Black is for waiter...or so they say. Yes, but waiters and doormen don't wear john lobb or edward green in black. Just Imagine a waiter spilling the soup of they day onto his leathers, or the doorman getting a 40kg luggage denting his shoes dropped by the bellboy. unless you're implying hte look, whereby you don't wear a black suit and it'll be fine. Never seen waiters wear navy suits - but now i think about...
Quote: Originally Posted by KenN I am interested in getting shoes made in HK next time I visit. How much shoe-based knowledge will I need to have prior to visiting? Can I simply print off a picture of shoes that I like and tell them to copy it? yeh pretty much, 1st time around he draws your feet and downpayment of 1/3 total cost. Be sure to give all your specifications second time is fitting. 3rd visit is collection and payment of the...
tight jeans is also popular in asia. guys=tight jeans females= whatever they can squeeze in- even tighter jeans.
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