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Quote: Originally Posted by awxg Black is for waiter...or so they say. Yes, but waiters and doormen don't wear john lobb or edward green in black. Just Imagine a waiter spilling the soup of they day onto his leathers, or the doorman getting a 40kg luggage denting his shoes dropped by the bellboy. unless you're implying hte look, whereby you don't wear a black suit and it'll be fine. Never seen waiters wear navy suits - but now i think about...
Quote: Originally Posted by KenN I am interested in getting shoes made in HK next time I visit. How much shoe-based knowledge will I need to have prior to visiting? Can I simply print off a picture of shoes that I like and tell them to copy it? yeh pretty much, 1st time around he draws your feet and downpayment of 1/3 total cost. Be sure to give all your specifications second time is fitting. 3rd visit is collection and payment of the...
tight jeans is also popular in asia. guys=tight jeans females= whatever they can squeeze in- even tighter jeans.
yes i heard many times no black: anti-black brigade, care to explain why??
younger girls these days dont' know how to do the cooking, cleaning and 'traditional' womens' role. IS the art of 'homemaker' dissappearing?
Quote: Originally Posted by indy116 Yea, it'd be like ice skating if you were wearing new leather soles in the rain. ha haha that was funny.. is it better to have full leather based shoe? or just personal preference to have the heel as rubber.
if you go to a high end business district in Central, about 10-20% people have shoes or shirts or their suits bespoke. If you go to other business districts like Wan Chai, you'll prob see G2000 all the way. You recognise the high flyers with their thick framed glasses- labelled Gucci, CC, Emporio Armani or similar.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Define crappy. clown in a monkey suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Toiletduck i don't think anyone has wet dreams over jantzen. Its just that you get a product that you would never be able to get in the states at that price point. First trys at Jantzen are always a hit and miss in terms of what extras you want. You really have to specify and respecify what you want. I make sure to specify everything down to the last specification every time I go my experience with many Hong...
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha price reduction USD $300 including shipping! this is a lovely peice of baby croc i am sure it will make who every very happy pls PM with any questions thx! it looks like the exact color i wanted for my croc wallet!! too bad i can't afford it. Next time i'll see if Zees in Hong Kong has a brown colored crocodile skin. btw. whats difference btw croc and alligator used as textiles (i know the...
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