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i'm afraid super fine cotton tends to wear out too easily. If you sweat, it'll stick to your back and turn transparent so your skin will show through. Thicker cotton (and look at the weave) tends not to wrinkle so easily. I prefer thicker weaves, but it also depends on the climate./season and personal preference.
I think its arrogant for someone to think they look perfect, such that they need to tone it down a bit for others to make themselves feel even better. Theres imperfections in everyone.. my tailor told me my right arm is half an inch longer than my left..
it looks quite sporty to me- reason being i see sport shoes with a similar inner mesh lining. I think they work very well for smart casual / casual
found a page in Time magazine supplement: april style and design. Females probably pull off 'shoes without socks' very well, as shown by this Gucci Model. Edit: Bally. and its women's fashion. But it was just a point i was trying to make- females yes. Guys no.
attach to photobucket, imageshack etc. OR below the quick reply box, click Go Advanced. You'll see a little PaperClip and use that to attach pictures directly
Its still unbelievable some of you guys can name the shoe C&J Aintree 337 just by looking at the picture. I only just learnt through reading the difference between a topcap and wingtip for the front of the shoe. Half brogueing and full brogueing. monks (leather clasps, no laces) venetians/loafers (i.e. banker's off duty shoes) derby - tongue made from same piece of leather as the front. oxfords
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan When I first started buying MTM years ago, I played around with all sorts of features that I didn't regularly see in RTW--the novelty of customization overshadowed good sense and I wound up with details I now hate. very good advice.. I tried sticking to the staple designs of notch lapel, 2 button suit, 3/4 on doctors cuff, 2 vents, tapered british suit. The basics. However, I'm just entering finance and...
Quote: Originally Posted by mylesmyles Placed a new order today for 5 shirts. Will start the clock and see how long it takes. I notice that with each order, the downtime gets shorter and shorter. let's hope the trend continues. sounds like they give preferential treatment to their valued customers ^^
Loin clothes are all the rage amongst sumo wrestlers... and its been in style for over 500 years.
didn't another thread say cedar is a urban myth?
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