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testing my new signature on hermes man quotes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett It would be better if you use as an avatar a picture with his actual face. I bet he will flip. He wont' flip. He'd suck in the adoration like a black hole. Successful troll dresses better than Hermes man
Quote: Originally Posted by cretaceous_cretin Find a competent cobbler and take the shoes there. If the shoes can be fixed, the cobbler will be the one to do it. pics of a competent cobbler
ebay=worst place for watches
+1 for During most of the 20th century, Le Rosey was referred to as the "School of Kings", as the school has educated many notable alumni, including 7 monarchs.[7][8] Le Rosey is currently in the planning stages of constructing the CHF 45 million (estimated $43 million USD) Carnal Hall, an Arts and Performance Centre for Le Rosey and the La Côte region currently scheduled for completion in 2012.[9][10] The school is...
was recommended interactive brokers (IB). cheapest in market, but service and platform were dubious I have read. I have no first hand experience, no do not represent any interests of IB.
when CAGR sounds like its in double digits why would they want to share the gains. But its good when old traditions are still handed down when quality tailoring is going downhill in HK
CJfish, you sound delusional sometimes... listen to your wife more often... and buy her some flowers
Quote: Originally Posted by nasty I didn't even know I was looking for something like this until I came across this thread. thats B&S for ya... (Free bump for nice handiwork)
One pair of crystal candleholders. Gift from company [Macquarie - investment bank] pre-GFC and times were good $60 or best offer, and buyer pays shipping from Australia Gift boxed as shown in red - with Macquarie logo.
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