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Loin clothes are all the rage amongst sumo wrestlers... and its been in style for over 500 years.
didn't another thread say cedar is a urban myth?
Yeh Gucci sales do tend to be unhelpful if you're callign them. Their salary is based on commission generated from sales, and you're not padding their next month's paycheck. Besides, Salespeople wouldn't know as much about shoe care as the established members here. I read in a few threads- don't wear leather soles out in the rain and walk on concrete, unless you want a ruined shoe.
a suit depends on your needs. Are you meeting clients that will bring more business? Who will you be meeting- blue collar suppliers don't need a suited up man. Seriously professional clothes? off the rack suit that fits you will do the trick. If you don't know what bespoke is, the first suit you specify will probably be worst than off the rack.
Mom's closet, we were repacking our stuff and she found a woolen jumper that she knitted herself, had three 1cm holes in it. There doesn't seem to be moths in our place and there is the occasional moth ball... possibilities? or just follow directions from above posts?
i don't think he'd be taking off his black blazer anytime soon, else he'd be in all white with black shoes.
whats with 337, 350... and all numbers attached to the Stickied: Shoe Picture INdex thread? Is this the shape of the toe- box cut, rounded, etc?? Could someone please explain in more detail than my rudimentary description?
now ricky and co are getting mass orders.. does anyone know who he outsources to do the actual shirt cutting/sewing?
i guess a good way to start, is by buying slowly or starting with a plain white. If you like the fit and the shirt feels great after a few washes, then theres no reason not to get more as they have your client measurements on file.
i heard for fused canvasses, a few dry cleans will kill the glue and 'unfuse' the jacket
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