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i doubt anyone has the experience to doctor a jacket. discussions are probbaly becuase of the expensive nature of jackets that people are unwilling to even let professional alterations get the job done. seeing your jacket is cheap, i'm guessing you don't want to spend more on a tailor. the easiest solution is, don't buy anything if it doesn't really fit, even if its thrift.
Quote: Originally Posted by Narciso The moral of that story is to dress appropriately. You don't want your doctor to treat you as if they were a business man, so they shouldn't dress like one when dealing with you. I'm not a fan of fanciful ties unless I relate to them in some way. For example I sail, so I like wearing ties with sailboats on them. i don't think doctors even know if that the name of the buttons on their cuff is called a...
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist Some of us are not even near 30... or professional. +1. your regression has no power as the sample size is too small --- actuarial student.
putting on a jacket won't even leave half an inch of cuff if any at all? also you seem to be wearing a singlet inside- is that the reason its a bit small?
so whats the difference between heavier clothes and lighter cloths? is there high inverse correlation between the weave count (Super 1*0s) and the weight of the cloth in ounces?
did you forget the shoes in HK!?>!?1
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I've always wondered about K&C stuff.... from the displays I've seen they look nice, but I never bought stuff from them and I haven't seen it around the interwebz. Kent and Curwin - typical english style . Shirts: use really high weave count 140s or 200s cotton. Feels pretty soft but i don't know how long they'll last. I can't distinguish their items from gieves and hawkes. I don't like the design of...
on StyleForum, where its more about how you dress, than the objective of dressing itself. i guess its important not to overdress or they'd be thinking- this entry level airhead is wearing better clothes with no brains in his head. if you underdress- you might not be right for the environment- esp banking or old school law firms (who look at pedigree) and then most importantly, is you suitability for the job. I've heard first 10 seconds leaves a lasting impression, so...
Quote: Originally Posted by BPT So I called Jantzen and explained my problem and they went and looked for the e-mails I had sent them. The guy I spoke to told me they would make me another shirt plus make the fit better. He even asked me to send a picture of me wearing the shirt. I guess they just don't bother reading e-mails you send them unless you specifically follow up on them by phone. I'll keep the forum posted on the progress as...
Suit Pants that don't go down to the top of the sole/covering shoe laces? Whats the reason for those tight pants?? Who else llikes the "drop" from the broad chest to the slim waist? It definitely makes the suit wrinkle when worn... Sometimes I think if your bespoke suit is too tight, its no different from buying a size to small off the rack. Unskillful tailor? But if you're happy, then its good for you.
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