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Quote: Originally Posted by AntiHero84 My GF constantly checks to make sure I'm not ghey. Otherwise, she just rolls her eyes. excuse for you to have sex and 'turn you straight'.. but i agree, my gf thinks i'm mad spending my time discussing clothing after a recent trip which got me 3 bespoke suits and 1 bespoke shoe JL04vintage replica in black--when i shoudl be studying for a 6 hour exam on the first saturday of June.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Oops, guys, Zee's just called me that the shoemaker in workshop said the insole leather I supplied dosen't fit. So no goodyear welt will be done. Will seach the other insole leather. Any people can help? ginlimetonic, Check this web: http://www.la-botte.com/club/goodyear_us.shtml had no idea there were so many shoe construction methods - as well as the many layers in a shoe. no wonder it takes a week...
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud You should send these pictures to PETA, courtesy of styleforum. maybe they'll send a nude picture of a sexy female celebrity back
intensive FULL BODY WORKOUT in 2 minutes? Jump up as high as you can and touch the ceiling with your fingertips, then land and touch the floor. Repeat 10 times. I'm exhausted by then.
Quote: Originally Posted by BusinessMan What have I done? I cant try to look elite if I am seeking help. the problem is that you're a kid, compared to the regulars. The average SF sense of dressing would be different from a freshman. Why don't you spend some time on campus on your days off and get a sense of what everyone else is wearing? Don't be the black sheep.
called shirt grippers i believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by BusinessMan Although it is recommended, you dont need work experience before you apply for your MBA. if you don't have banking exp before your MBA, no PE (those which survive), HF nor IB is going to hire you after you come out (assuming Full time program). And they ALWAYS look for work experience pre-MBA if you want to get into top 3 or even top 10 programs. You're soon be knowing much more than your peers.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform 2. Be a stickler about ethics - ask them where they get made, who makes them, and if the people who make them work under good conditions. perhaps the child labor they employ have smaller, more nimble fingers to construct the shirt
Quote: Originally Posted by BusinessMan I'm trying to capture the Ivy League look though (kinda). Need to look presentable and fierce so I can grab all of the leadership positions to further decorate my Ivy league MBA applications. Quote: Originally Posted by BusinessMan I'm about to graduate HS and start my college journey. I am planning a Business major of some sort, probably Economics or Finance. I know I'll need 1 or 2...
any pictures? i'm relatively new so i dont' knwo what you're talking about specifically.
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