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Quote: Originally Posted by BusinessMan I'm trying to capture the Ivy League look though (kinda). Need to look presentable and fierce so I can grab all of the leadership positions to further decorate my Ivy league MBA applications. Quote: Originally Posted by BusinessMan I'm about to graduate HS and start my college journey. I am planning a Business major of some sort, probably Economics or Finance. I know I'll need 1 or 2...
any pictures? i'm relatively new so i dont' knwo what you're talking about specifically.
perhaps AE is cutting back as a result of the economic crisis, hence the drop in grade this year.
seems like a warmer place on the earth. Winter doesn't reach sub zero temperatures. How does a thinner weave for those 40 degree summers so you can wear the jacket as people should, and wearing an additional overcoat in winter?
well its approaching summer in Japan.. and Tokyo is pretty hot. Don't knwo if they still stock overcoats.
bluntly, your fashion sense sucks, is what eveyron eis saying. (no one wears boxes anymore) but seriously, just impress them with your interview style rather than what you're wearing.
damn those 50K, 100K and 200K watches, i'd rather dump it in equities as a long term investment. At the opportunity cost of wearing a watch 10 yeras later, your purchasing power would have greatly increased.
as expected of SF members: bring an umbrella
maybe they concentrate more on playing golf than what they wear.
i doubt anyone has the experience to doctor a jacket. discussions are probbaly becuase of the expensive nature of jackets that people are unwilling to even let professional alterations get the job done. seeing your jacket is cheap, i'm guessing you don't want to spend more on a tailor. the easiest solution is, don't buy anything if it doesn't really fit, even if its thrift.
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