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Quote: Originally Posted by Baverso mlongano and mmkn, great feedback about the process. It's good to hear that many of the fabric companies will mail you a piece. Here's an open question for discussion: Do they (the fabric companies) like dealing with individual customers who order something like a 1/2 yard swatch? Or the amount of fabric necessary to make a suit? What has been your experiences in this regard? I remember reading somewhere that they...
as far as I know, No, but the question is why can't you visit HK with the strong aussie
I can smell them out of my monitor!
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint It's here! It's here! The OFFICIAL SF NO PURCHASE Club for JUNE 2011 Lockdown starts at midnight Sunday June 05, 2011. This means you have the weekend to get it out of your system if you must. We start on Monday. Rules are simple: 1) Mend at least TWO things this month of June (sew buttons, hem pants, polish shoes, etc). 2) Spend not one cent on clothing or clothing-related items for yourself. 3) There...
Quote: Originally Posted by CrystalCat Can't help myself...I'm a purist and I love me some American made crystal. Steuben all day for my crystal glassware It's what my father used, he was from Corning I find those pieces by steuben like a peacock in flamboyance. I'm looking for something traditional and timeless. my goodness, those Theresienthal costs 150 euros shipping to Australia. And 150 euros for drinking out of lead oxide is already...
PM'd on dark Battisti with white spots. Could you also PM me your photoalbum? Cheers, K edit: tie sniped by some other kind sir.
Hi Guys, I'm a handful of years out of uni. Passed all 3 levels of CFA, with charter pending completion of work experience. I'm thinking of tackling the last 3 actuarial exams. My long term objective is probably to get into an IB front office or corporate finance, my skills are analytical and building spreadsheet models/vba. Currently I work in an unrelated role-reporting. -I don't have much motivation to go back into a traditional actuarial role, and that's really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pieceofsand moar...moar....MOAR!!! this thread is just a sh1tthread of posting pretty girls in revealing or tight clothing. If you posted an ugly fat chick who dresses well in Re: How would you like a girl to dress?, does that make how you want her to actually dress? +1 to move to DT
pm on navy spotted tie edit: any interest in selling to me?
Quote: Originally Posted by tennisguru The only thing to do after a post like this is to bow down and worship Klobber as a God. As we all know, the winner of the next WAYWRN Challenge gets pick the next WAYWRN challenge. Suggestion to the winner, we either do: a) the topic is- "Hermes man style" b) "Show off your tags" - all clothes must be worn inside out
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