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Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man recently i just got a great bargain from 40% discount of a 200$usd+ t-shirt .. got it for just 100$usd ,it has to be the bargain of the year since it look great, feels great, fits great, great quality too and best of all it is made in italy... anyway how do i look with this t-shirt? it is from D & G the back.. with D&G written below the neck Haven't you heard of the "don't ask don't tell policy" on...
Osaka proxy anyone?? I'm looking for some whiskey tumblers - PM me please
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Huh? Since when is a flyback chronograph a 'big' complication? i meant the split second chrono, rattrapantte/double chrono.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur I have seen a job being advertised for an "executive officer" where the job description mentioned being the managing director's "right hand". Are "executive officer" positions just glorified PA jobs or actual executive officer (in the naval sense)/"Hand of the King" (game of thrones reference) type positions where you actually make management decisions? senior management, business manager type positions? The... luk-cha is selling some sweet leather CC and wallets, but be quick they get snapped ups oon.
its a crime how pretty they are.
I still feel that some people are old fashioned, in the sense that they expect to walk into their tailor, and its an "end to end process" where you get the full service of selecting fabrics, measured up, fittings and collect the finished suit there. Not everyone is a SF maniac to spend their time daydreaming about fabric selection., People looking for price sharpness, and something different in terms of fabric might go to you way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amelorn Minas shoe repair, 67 Wall Street. He has worked miracles on my Barkers and I have 3 pairs of Cole Haans being worked over (to put a protective layer on the sole). His price range from rather cheap to costlier depending on how much damage he's undoing. So many things wrong with what you said. -Firstly, he is located on the Street, which means 99% of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baverso mlongano and mmkn, great feedback about the process. It's good to hear that many of the fabric companies will mail you a piece. Here's an open question for discussion: Do they (the fabric companies) like dealing with individual customers who order something like a 1/2 yard swatch? Or the amount of fabric necessary to make a suit? What has been your experiences in this regard? I remember reading somewhere that they...
as far as I know, No, but the question is why can't you visit HK with the strong aussie
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