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received my tie. Shipping was fast! from UK to Australia beautiful, thanks
The real problem, is how is HM going to show the label for this item...
i wonder what HM thinks of this... African american alpha male?
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz CFA is self study (need a bachelors degree though) - high value in Canada, heard mixed opinions in the US. if you don't have 4 yrs U.S. Bachelors or equivalent, you can still enrol in the CFA program if you have a few years of work exp.
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 on what exactly, cat mortality? life or casualty... pricing or valuation
Payment sent, please confirm via PM.
don't they also call you guys management trainees... ummm apply your MBA knowledge? you get to see things on a broader level, so don't be too closed minded
Why isn't there a quality rtw store in westfield pitt st sydney.. Brooks, zegna, kiton etc. Things suck here so much I'm going on B&S
ouch my stomach hurts from laughing.. at this post in another forum
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 Someone with your build is not going to look alpha even in an Affliction tshirt and Tapout headband. lol, he's already 23/24 , by his email as an indication ( So high fashionista Gender: Male Location: Pahang : Malaysia About Me In this blog i would like to share my passion for fashion and serve as guide to other men who wish to indulge in fashion and to prove...
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